Friday, 2 October 2015

Southern Comforts Fall

I'm skipping Solitary Scrutiny again this week because my list of things to review is mostly makeup and it's pouring here. The light is incredibly grey and blah. So instead, I chose to finish writing up my Southern Comforts review. 

Southern Comforts is a perfumerie based in Los Angeles, though I believe the owner is from the South. She recently transitioned to selling her scents online. I picked up this four pack of fall scents when they were released because the notes intrigued me, it was a good price, and I had money in my Paypal account. Never have money in your Paypal account in moments of weakness. It shipped quickly, and arrived in pretty standard time. Each sample comes in a 2ml vial, which is pretty generous. They are a little bit tricky to open, though not impossible.

Onto the scents!

Huntsville Hayride

crisp apple cider, fall leaves, hay bales, dust, bonfire

"Bundle up against the brisk autumn air with a thermos of hot cider and go for a hayride through the falling leaves, savoring the scent of a distant bonfire."

In the vial, this smells like hay and leaves. On my skin, it blossoms some more, with the addition of smoke. I didn't get a ton of apple cider in this one, mostly just smoke and leaves and hay. The smoke amped like crazy on me, and so overall I found this one disappointing. It took on a slightly acrid scent on me. Kind of like I was smoking. Ick. It turned the corner after a couple of hours and stopped being so aggressively smoky, but I figured it to be kind of a lost cause at that point. My skin chemistry did not like this at all. It had moderate throw, and it lasted six hours on my skin.

Kentucky Harvest

red and green apples, pears, tree bark, leaves, cold earth 

“Nothing says fall like a stroll through an orchard, letting the scents of the trees and cold earth envelop you, while ripe apples and pears fulfill promises of sweetness to come.”

I had high hopes for this one. Apples? Pears? Sign me up. But I found it to be less exciting than I wanted to be. The apple was not nearly as dominant as I had hoped, and the leaves/dirt aspect amped on my skin. In the vial, it smelled like fruit, mostly pear, and a hint of cold dirt. On my skin, it became pear and apple and leaves and dirt, very cold and fall like. The pear was a nice addition and the easily more dominant fruit note, but ultimately it reminded me of my other atmospheric fall scents like Sixteen92 Salem and Solstice Scents Foxcroft. The pear faded about two hours into wear, and I was left with leaves and dirt. The sillage started off moderate, but faded to wear close to the skin after about an hour. The wear time was five hours on my skin.

West Memphis Sweater Weather

white chocolate, coffee, whipped cream, toasted bread, french vanilla, wood, amber

“Fog rolling in over a Smoky Mountain cabin calls for a lazy morning with a sweet, creamy white chocolate mocha and your favorite fuzzy sweater.”

So this is the only one that I wasn't drawn into by the description. Coffee? Why are you there ruining what could be a very nice scent? Get off my lawn. I always emphasize how much I hate coffee because I don't think it can be emphasized enough. Coffee is the worst. In the vial, this smells like some sort of fancy coffee drink, one of those that is half coffee, half flavour shots and whipped cream. I don't drink those either. It reminds me a lot of a Starbucks - not because it actually smells like Starbucks, but because it smells like the idea of Starbucks. Or a hipster coffee place. (I rarely go to cafes, can you tell?) It's creamy, with a whisp of white chocolate and loads of whipped cream, followed up by coffee and a bread note that is sweetened by the others to make it more pastry-like. Minus the coffee, I actually could see myself liking this. But it is coffee and so I actually really don't like this because I can't get past the coffee. The sillage is low moderate, and it lasted about four hours on my skin. 

I am also pretty skeptical of what counts as sweater weather in West Memphis. 

Fayetteville Fall

unspiced apple cider, caramel, vanilla

“Savor the simplicity of autumn’s lovely display with caramel apple cider and a hint of relaxing vanilla.”

Caramel apples. That's what this smells like. Caramel apples. Of all apple things, I'm the least crazy about caramel apples. I don't know what it is about caramels, but I never really liked caramels. That said, this is a nice scent. I was initially interested in this one because of the unspiced apple cider - I actually drink a lot of cold-pressed apple cider because there's a cider maker at the market that is amazing - and it is a sweet, fresh apple note in this one. It does get an interesting not quite spicy note after a bit of wear. The vanilla isn't very dominant in this. It's pretty much like biting into a caramel apple. It's not a very long lived scent, lasting only three hours on my skin. The sillage was moderate. 

Overall, I'm kind of meh. They were okay. There was nothing here that blew me away, and there were a few skin chemistry misses. I think West Memphis Sweater Weather was the standout, even though I personally despise coffee. I can see why it was added to the general catalogue. Some of them (mainly Kentucky Harvest) felt too similar to things I already have, and I'm trying to keep myself from having dozens of the same kind of scents. 

You can check out Southern Comforts here..

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