Thursday, 19 November 2015

Arcana Lady Justice

Sometimes draft posts end up sitting around for no reason. This is one of those posts. 

The Lady Justice Collection was released in August as a charity venture for a friend of the owner of Arcana, to support him during some legal trouble. Initially, none of the scents pulled me in - and I was also staring down the pipe at an undefined period of unemployment, so I didn't really want to buy extraneous perfume that I wasn't really excited about at that point, so I ignored the decant circle and didn't bother checking out the release any further. But as I do, I was wandering the internet, reading Arcana reviews, and I saw some Lady Justice reviews, and I honed in on Peppermint Candyflip. It suddenly sounded really, really good. And I turned it over in my mind a bit, and sat on it for a couple of weeks, and then I ordered it with something else. I also ended up with a couple of samples of other scents in the collection, and here we are.

I'm always a little worried about basically smelling like a stick of gum when it comes to mint scents, for all that I love minty things. However, my beloved Arcana only rarely lets me down, and Peppermint Candyflip was no exception. The samples came into my possession a bit randomly, and so I'm not super fond of them and glad I never picked them up. 

As an aside - isn't the label art great? I've been moving away from being weak to label art/names, because really, a great name is never going to make up for a shadow being a shadow (ha!) or a terrible formula or something I'm never ever going to wear in any form. So I'm always pleased when I like something and I'm particularly fond of the label art. If I stop being so tired with the whole 8-4 work day thing, maybe I'll get back into making my own art. 

Peppermint Candyflip

A psychedelic blast of cold peppermint dries down to a trippy candy center of blue frosting, sugar cookies, pink musk, blueberry candy, bakery vanilla, bergamot syrup, and lemondrops.

In the bottle, this is mostly peppermint, with a hint of vanilla, kind of like cookies, and something that smells like sour gummy worms. It's really good, and despite the notes, is not especially sweet. I don't why I like mint scents so much, but I really do. On my skin, it's a sharp blast of peppermint,before settling down to mix with some fruity candy, cookies, vanilla and something very sweet. It's still mostly mint as it wears, though, drying down to a soft mint-vanilla cookie with a bright blueberry tinge. Blueberry is such a great note, and I like the use of it here a lot. The sillage is moderate, and it tends to last about nine hours.

De Minimis Non Curat Lex

The law does not concern itself with trifles. AKA Circus by the Sea. A cool blend of saltwater, ocean air, rain-soaked blackberries, neroli, coconut, and a hint of green cognac absolute.

The really annoying thing about law is the excessive use of Latin. That, and obtusely written judgments. Anyway. This scent smell very heavy on the ocean in the vial, with a hint of florals. I'm not super crazy about this scent, since my nose hones in on the neroli. I don't really like neroli. It is a well balanced scent, with saltwater, coconut, neroli, and berries all easy to pick out. It's interesting - I feel like I haven't seen a ton about it, but maybe I haven't been paying attention. I feel like it should be popular. The sillage is on the lower side. It's a pretty scent, understated and smooth. It lasts about twelve hours on my skin, tending to hug fairly close for the bulk of wear.


Inspired by a spunky orange tabby kitten named after Gideon v. Wainwright. Apricot, golden amber, and a saucerful of cream.

I considered buying this one blind, but I'm glad I did. It's pretty but not something that I love as much as I thought I would. In the vial, it's tangy fresh apricot with a dollop of cream. On my skin, the amber comes out and keeps it from being straightforward apricot and cream - it takes on a deeper tone, and gets warmer and more sophisticated. I tend to prefer the pure fruity scents, however, so this isn't a huge hit for me. I'll be passing on this sample. It's got moderate sillage, and lasts about ten hours on my skin. 

You can find Arcana at Pretty Indulgent, The Rhinestone Housewife, and the Arcana eBay store.

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