Sunday, 29 November 2015

Solitary Scrutiny: Femme Fatale Hundred Years Winter

I keep waffling on nail polish. I used to be really into it in middle school and even into high school, but it got to be too much work to maintain and so I just stopped wearing nail polish regularly. I've discovered that I really hate chipped polish and I tend to be very rough on my hands, so it chips a ton.

Combine that with having to be careful about the state of my nail polish because I work in a hospital, and I thought nail polish was going to fall off of my radar for good.

But indie nail polishes are really, really lovely. And as often as I skip over reviews of them, and ignore really awesome nail art and generally do not wear nail polish, except for a few manicures now and again when I have time to sit still and let my nails dry, sometimes I get sucked in.

In the spring, I came across another nail polish that sucked me in: Femme Fatale Hundred Years Winter. I only wanted the one bottle, so I patiently waited for this colour to be stocked on Shiro (since there were some Shiro things that I did want to get and Shiro is the North American distributor for Femme Fatale) and snagged it. 

Described as "A pale rose-marsala creme with intense turquoise overlay," this is honestly one of the most beautiful polishes I have ever seen in my life. The first time I painted my nails with it, I spent far too long looking at the shift in different lights. It also dries really fast, is almost totally opaque in one coat, wears incredibly well (I've managed to eke out 5-7 days of wear without chipping every time I've worn it, which has been an impressive six times since I got it for someone who doesn't regularly do their nails) and is just generally really nice. It's true to description. And lovely. LOOK AT IT.

I have absolutely nothing negative to say about this polish at all. It's fantastic. And there are even some bottles in stock at Shiro, so you should probably go buy it. I don't always like to make statements like that, but really. This nail polish is stunning. If there's one product I want people to enjoy as much as I have this year, it's this nail polish.


  1. I'm just going to have to pretend this doesn't exist, but it's STUNNING. Also love the name and theme to death.

    1. It keeps popping up when I think it's gone, so you never know...

      I'm down to ten nail polishes. I'm not sure the other nine matter when I have this beauty.


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