Thursday, 26 November 2015

The Miss List

I've had a string of really good, awesome purchases lately, but I've also had a string of disappointing things. Things that I lusted after and was let down. Or things that don't work. I decided to condense my rantings into one happy (or unhappy) post.

I know it's American Thanksgiving and people are busy being thankful, but Americans have been posting pictures of food ALL DAY. I needed a healthy outlet to get my bitterness all out. I just really want turkey. And stuffing. And gravy. And mashed potatoes...ahem.

It's dark when I get up and dark when I get home these days, so I tried to swatch these accurately but I think they fell prey to the different lights in my apartment.

1. Fyrinnae Witchcraft (lipstick)

Fyrinnae debuted a vegan lipstick formula to much anticipation earlier this year (kind of like everything Fyrinnae does). The reviews I've seen have been kind of mixed: some people were madly in love and others were unimpressed. I bought one to try when I was stocking up on some essentials (their Powder Primer, Fluff) because buying only essentials is boring and I wanted to see what it was like. For science.

The shift is at least pretty looking in the tube. 

A solid version of our extremely popular Wizardry Liquid Lipstick, this is a burgundy base with a shimmer highlight which turns from turquoise to pink to reddish, depending on the light and angle. 

I picked Witchcraft mainly because Elven was sold out when I was looking and apparently that meant I had to go with a lipstick I would be very unlikely to wear outside of my house. As it turns out, I am very unlikely to wear it outside of the house because I hate this lipstick.

Left two swipes, right one.

Good things about it: it comes in a nice bullet, which is still fairly rare for indie lipsticks. The list ends there. This is a stiff, draggy lipstick, with a barely perceptible shift and incredibly patchy wear. It sucks at being built up. It looks like crap after a very short period of time (probably due to the patchiness). I've tried to wear it multiple ways: over freshly exfoliated bare lips, over lip balm, over clear lip liner, after it's been warmed up a bit...none of these make this lipstick nice to wear. I have no idea if if sucks because of the duochrome pigments or what, but I no longer have any interest in Fyrinnae's lipsticks because my experience with Witchcraft was so diappointing. I'll stick to the eyeshadows and lip lustres for their colour cosmetics. Those are good products. 

The base colour is actually really nice on me so I may look for something similar in that respect. 

2. My entire Kheimistrii order

I find the name Kheimistrii really gimmicky (some friends and I have just started calling it Kword because nobody can be arsed to look it up every time we talk about it. I'm not a business maven, but I kind of feel like making your company name not impossible to spell is a better idea) but I was hearing really good things about their body products. I picked up a mini jar of their bubble bath, a mini jar of the body buttercreme, and a perfume sample, plus I got another perfume sample for free. 

Good things: the body buttercreme is a really great body lotion. I like the thick yet airy texture, and it feels amazing on the skin. The mini bubble bath is enough for 3-5 baths (at least with the tablespoon-ish amount I've been using for each bath) and a little goes a long way. It bubbles up excellently.

Bad things: the scents I tried are synthetic-smelling and awful on me. I got the chocolate chip cookie dough bubble bath, and the scent is super synthetic in the jar, but non-existent in the bath. I like my baths bubbly and smelling. I got Goofballs as a perfume sample, because I read some reviews that it was much heavier on the marshmallow and smelled more like a Rice Krispie square than Haus of Gloi Ghost Puffs, which smells like butter and is completely gross on me. Goofballs is even grosser on me, if that's possible. 

Fluffy pillows of gourmet marshmallows toasted over an open fire, poured over popcorn puffs smothered in rich butter, drizzled with creamy caramel and sprinkled with sea salt flakes. Ayumm!

In the vial and jar, it smells like a Rice Krispie square with a bit too much butter. On my skin, in both forms, it smells like marshmallow and stale, extra buttery, movie popcorn. It is so heavy on the butter that it makes me nauseous. I wish I had spiced it up and ordered the body buttercreme in a different scent because it's basically unsuable for me right now. Maybe I'll get that cold that's going around be able to use it since I'll lose my sense of smell.

My free sample was Mr. Freeze (Orange zest infused butter pound cake, layered with mango mousse and drizzled with vanilla cream), but I couldn't be bothered to do more than sniff it in the vial because I was meh on everything else. If I didn't have a bunch of other lotions I liked equally as well as the formula of the body buttercreme, I'd put more work into finding a scent that I liked. I may revisit Kword, but for now, I'm out. 

3. Arcana Genteel

Made exclusively for The Rhinestone Housewife by Arcana, Genteel is the well-bred housewife who pens perfect thank you notes and always matches her carpet to her drapes. Aniseed, 2 vanillas, dry amber, sugar, and cashmere musk with wisps of fine sandalwood and cedarwood.

I feel kind of petty complaining about this one, because I got this as a free sample with an order I made from Arcana's eBay store, and I got a bunch of free samples in that order, including a special one I requested, so...but considering I toss free samples in my destash pile about 60% of the time without even looking at them, I feel like samples should be kinder to me and work well when I actually try them. Is that selfish? Oh well.

I think the major problem is that I tried this without even sniffing the vial. I didn't know what the notes were. I just slapped it on. THE HORROR. It is very much black liquorice in your face on my skin. I attempted to wear it for longer than ten minutes on four separate occasions, but alas, I could not. It was just black liquorice and I cannot deal with black liquorice. When I worked in a grocery store, I cringed whenever I accidentally got a little too close to anise. Genteel, we are never going to be friends.

4. Life's Entropy Lip Theories

I tried a Life's Entropy Lip Theory last year, and I really liked it. Not too drying, incredible staying power, little transfer, and it held up really well during my daily habit of constant snacking and drinking copious amounts of water and chewing my lips, etc. The downside is that I eventually realized that as long as I couldn't apply it straight from the sample vial, full sized squeeze tube and would require a lip brush, I would never wear it. So I destashed my sample some months ago now, and carried on my merry way.

However, I scored a HelloWaffle Visage box for super cheap recently - leftover from November 2014. In November 2014, the guest was Life's Entropy. And they gave...a Lip Theory. So now I have a full size Lip Theory that I got for dirt cheap, and the colour is pretty, and it even came with a doe foot applicator to use with it....but it's still a tube of pigment that can't be applied directly from the applicator.

One swipe, using doefoot applicator to apply.

I love the idea. I just can't get them to fit into the way I like to wear, apply and carry my makeup. I might turn it into a tinted balm or something, like those DIY OCC Lip tar ones.

Hello, wonky shadows. But this is a pretty peach colour.

Such disappointment all around (except for the Lip Theory; that's more like frustration).Thankfully, I have loads of things that I like. It's also good that some of the things that I got while stress shopping are disappointing, because it will help dissuade me from repeating this habit in the future. Anything disappoint you lately?


  1. One of my most disappointing products this year was NYX Enamored, which is very similar in color to Fyrinnae Witchcraft, though more opaque. I've tried a lot of lipstick formulas in my life, and I don't think I've encountered anything more drying (with the exception of those liquid-to-matte formulas). It's a shame that Witchcraft didn't work out, because it looks like such a lovely color! Do you find that indie brands devote more energy to eyeshadows than to lipsticks?

    1. There are far more eyeshadow companiesthan anything else, colour cosmetics-wise. I think it's just easier to produce eyeshadows. Even things like highlighters and blush aren't quite as widely produced as eyeshadow. Eyeshadow is also a pretty easy sell. When I got into indies, it was because of eyeshadow. Back when I still wore it quite regularly.

      Fyrinnae Witchcraft is supposed to be the lipstick form of their liquid matte lipstick Wizardry, which really is stunning in swatches I've seen of it. But I would never wear a liquid matte, so that's out.

      (sorry to recommend because I know you're on a no-buy right now) Limnit Lipsticks on Etsy is a really lovely lipstick brand. They do demi-matte lipsticks (in bullets, even! A lot of indies who do lipsticks often just use chapstick containers, probably for cost reasons) in a wide variety of colours. I have a couple of tubes I still have to properly review, but I can confidently say they are quite comfortable to wear, smooth, and wonderfully pigmented.

    2. I don't mind recommendations at all! :) I'll look into Limnit; the only lipstick I've heard of from them is Goodness Graycious. I've also been interested in Portland Black Lipstick Company for a while, but as you say, they have those chapstick containers (as well as sample slices in baggies). I'd love to support more indie companies, but their packaging puts me off--I'm not sure how often I'd use a bold lipstick in a wide chapstick tube or a loose powder eyeshadow that needs special primer.

      And hey, you agree with me about liquid mattes! They're everywhere these days, and I...wish they weren't. The super-matte finish is so odd-looking to me.

  2. I'd not tried the Life's Entropy Lip Theories before but heard good reviews about them. I now feel bad about gifting one to my best friend as opposed to a standard lipstick. I got it for her as it's vegan and she's a vegetarian. It had a mini-lip brush with it but I wonder how much use she's getting out of it.

    1. I just found out that they Lip Theories now come in standard doefoot tubes (as of August), so I think that may have me be more open to them in the future.


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