Monday, 21 December 2015

Solitary Scrutiny: Arcana McNaughty Nog


I feel like I missed the memo that said everyone but essential personnel would be on vacation effective now - and actually, I did get that memo, I just didn't realize everyone would take their vacation now. I bail on Thursday. But no matter! It was nice and quiet and I was able to gnash my teeth loudly when I was hitting a search wall. 

Quite often I am the disruptive one in my library. 

Anyway, it ended up being a pleasantly quiet day and I got lots of work done and I addressed Christmas cards to the other departments and I drank copious amounts of iced tea and made mac and cheese with smoked cheddar when I got home and it is snowing lightly and there's not much wind. All in all, it turned out well. So I turned to a scent that is equally pleasant to talk about today: Arcana McNaughty Nog, a Rhinestone Housewife exclusive from Yule 2014.

Eggnog, Arcana's beloved yellow cake note, rum, fresh milk, nutmeg, and a drizzle of toasty caramel. 

Mmm eggnog. I already rhapsodized about my love of eggnog, but really. Being able to consume an eggnog-like substance means that I enjoy my eggnog scents even more than I did before, when they were just a memory of a life I used to know.

Why, yes, I am terribly melodramatic.

I feel a bit bad about this scent because I completely love it and I snagged one of the last bottles for sale, so it's not available unless you find someone destashing it...which I guess could happen but probably won't because this scent is great. In the bottle, it's eggnog and yellow cake, very rich and warm. On my skin, the eggnog and rum come out, and the nutmeg moves to the front of the scent. It's fairly dominant but not overpowering, though if you're not fond of nutmeg, I'd avoid. It's a warm scent through and through, like sitting in a warm kitchen with steam on the windows, drinking a frothy, strong mug of eggnog and spiced rum, eating some yellow cake with a dash of caramel sauce on it. It's very foodie and lovely and very Christmas-y. 

I poured myself some eggnog while writing this, but alas, I have no yellow cake. I'll just have to eat some of the doughnut holes I got at the grocery store. May you have a happy solstice, and perhaps, your own yellow cake or doughnuts.

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