Saturday, 12 December 2015

Solitary Scrutiny: HelloWaffle *Sigh*

This was a week for super awesome news for those closet to me: babes were born, dream jobs were obtained, interviews were scheduled. I'm heart-glad for everyone, and happy to share their joy, as they have shared my joys this fall.

Also there really is nothing like that newborn baby smell. And they're warm and cuddly. Other people's kids are the best. I can play/snuggle/talk/hang out with and then give them back when I'm done. Kind of like other people's pets, too.

I also find having to take care of a plant to infringe upon my life a little too much, so clearly my selfishness has yet to recede enough in order to have dependent little creatures. 

Original on the left, reformulation on the right.

This week I decided to swatch HelloWaffle's tinted balm in *Sigh*. I have the original formulation, from the Kitty Kingdom V1 release on Black Friday 2014, and I picked up the reformulated, now general catalogue version of *Sigh* in October. 

Two swipes each: original on the left, reformulation on the right.

The colour is described as "a deep burgundy red lip balm." The original one is a burgundy in the tube, while the newer one is far more pink. However, on my arm, the difference is minimal, and honestly, they don't look that different on my lips. The reformulation is a much more comfortable formula to wear: the original is smooth, but stiff and not particularly emollient. It's more like a stain in stick form. The reformulation is closer to a tinted balm, though more pigmented than your average tinted balm. It's easier to apply and generally more comfortable. If you've been holding onto the original one and worried about the differences in the newer one, I honestly wouldn't. The newer one is better.

The sun. It burns. Bare lips for reference.

Original *Sigh*

Reformulated *Sigh*

*Sigh* is a great winter colour, I find. Both versions wear well and fade evenly, leaving a nice reddish stain. They also withstood the poutine that I knocked back this afternoon.

Saturday perfection. 


  1. I went to Canada for the first time this year but was there for only 48 hours (for a conference), and I never got a chance to try poutine. That last photo is reminding me of what I missed. Next time!

    1. Poutine is 100% worth the eventual heart attack.


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