Sunday, 10 January 2016

A Trio of Bites

2016 is turning out to be the year of the cold that will not go away. I feel fine, but I have this lingering cough that a) has me losing my voice, and c) frightens people as I walk past them in the hallway at work. To get my mind off of my new addiction to Fisherman's Friend in Cherry, I've been going through my makeup and looking at things I haven't really talked about yet (and doing some detashing to fit my makeup tastes now) and organizing and swatching and generally making a mess. A happy colourful mess.

I've acquired a trio of Bite lipsticks over the last year: Cava (from the general collection Luminous Creme line), Braised Maple (from the LE Maples) and Mauvember (a Luminous Creme, an LE for Movember in Canada). The nice thing about Bite is that they're Canadian and make their lipsticks in Canada, which means they are 100% mother approved. My mom may not understand makeup but she does like things that are made in Canada. So when she says "another new lipstick?" I say "look, it's Canadian!" and we're all happy even if she remains confused about my love of beauty.

L-R: Braised Maple, Cava, Mauvember

Sundays are for onesies. Bare lips.

Braised Maple is from the Maple Matte Cream line, which was a Canada-exclusive collection. A lot has already been said about the Bite Matte Creme formula, namely that they aren't matte. This is a plus for me, but for people who like mattes, they were sure to be disappointed by the fact that these are creamy, glossy, and not even a little bit matte. They're hydrating and comfortable to wear. But also not matte. Did I mention they aren't matte?

Braised Maple.

I feel like if you're claiming your lipstick is matte, it should be something akin to matte. Anyway.

It's described as a "warm browned red." And it is a very pretty, fall-toned red. I almost bought Candied Maple, but Braised Maple ended up winning my heart. It is finicky to apply: it's very pigmented and therefore...requires some finesse when applying. Ehhh. I'm not a huge fan of that, but I also find it a very flattering colour. Plus it wears very well, is super comfortable and smells like maple syrup. Which is so gimmicky but I love maple syrup. 

Candied Maple appears to be the only one left on

Cava is a Luminous Creme lipstick, which is the formula that makes up the main line of lipsticks that Bite offers. It's a moisturizing formula, very comfortable and buttery. I honestly don't feel much difference between the Luminous Creme and the Matte Cream formulas, other than the Luminous Creme formula is a little more glossy looking on the lips. Cava is easier to apply than Braised Maple, but I suspect that's because it's a neutral.


Cava is a described as a "lilac beige." It's a "my lips but deader" look for me and I really, really, really like it. The lilac tone makes it look unusual rather than merely washed out, which tends to happen with a lot of nudes. Unusual and perfectly wearable to work. As you can probably tell, I've used this one a fair bit more than the others.

Mauvember is also a Luminous Creme and was released exclusively in Canada in support of the Movember Foundation, which works to promote awareness and support for prostate cancer. Movember is fairly big in Canada - or at least from my perception as a student for many Movembers, is very popular amongst university students. Any excuse to grow mustaches, I suppose.


Mauvember is a pink lavender that tends to pull fairly purple on me, rather than a true mauve. It's very pretty, though a little more of a statement than I like to make every day and since I'm currently in small town New Brunswick, generally more of a statement than I'd like to make anywhere in town. I've been playing with it to see if I'm just unused to purple lips on me. It's very, very comfortable to wear. It's also been sold out for a while, so I'm glad I snatched this up as soon as it went online. 

Overall, I really like Bite lipsticks. They're among the most comfortable I have to wear and that whole made in Canada thing is cool too, and I'm not above being pandered to with maple syrup. Or Canada exclusives.

I'm also not above being pandered to with bacon maple syrup. Next fall, Bite?

It was a moment of weakness in the Superstore.


  1. I got a few of the Bite Maple collection items and the Mauvember too! I just had to make special trips to grab them once I saw them online. The latter is very purple on me as well.

    1. I somehow managed to get Mauvember off of the website. A miracle!

  2. Ugh man I really like what I have from Bite (their Cashmere Lip Cream in Rioja) and I wish they were easier to get over here, I want to try more of them! Praise Canada! But all three of these look really good on you, Braised Maple gives you such a nice glow it's like 'cold, what cold?'


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