Tuesday, 2 February 2016

A Tale of Two Grapefruits

For whatever reason, I love the smell of grapefruit. I hate tasting it in any form, however, so I don't eat it and basically the closest I get to consuming it is drinking a can of Fresca once in a while. And those gummy grapefruit slice candies. Those are delicious and I am certain have not even one iota of real grapefruit in them. Also, that whole thing about grapefruit juice interacting poorly with just about every medication in the entire world doesn't exactly lend it to being appealing.

But the scent of grapefruit...

It's magical.

Grapefruit is the perfect mix of tangy and sweet and tart and bright and summery. It's lovely. It's the perfect pick me up, which might explain that when I didn't need it (summer), I didn't get around to talking about these. But now, when it's cold and snowy (actually, the Janaury thaw seems to be a bit late this year, and the weather has been yoyoing for a bit now), talking about the wonders of the smell of grapefruit is more appealing. I used to use that Neutrogena pink grapefruit body wash (...the one with the plastic microbeads. I know. I stopped using it a few years ago, I swear!) and the scent perked me right up. While we've passed the darkest days of the season, and I'm seeing daylight when I go to work and when I come home from work now, it's right around this time that winter starts to really wear me down. It's unending and cold and wet...you get the idea. I start looking for reasons to carry on till April, when I might have hope for warmth and putting away my ugly-ass Sorels.

Arcana released two grapefruit notes over the summer, Garnet Grapefruit and Grapefruit Rouge. I deliberated for a while, and ended up picking up Garnet Grapefruit. Some months later, I ended up getting a partial bottle of Grapefruit Rouge out of curiosity. 

As it turns out, curiosity killed the cat and satisfaction did not bring it back.

Garnet Grapefruit is described as "the simple scent of refreshing, citrusy red grapefruit." It is the perfect red grapefruit in my humble opinion: it's exactly what I wanted out of a grapefruit note. And unlike the experiment with Arcana's bacon layering note, Garnet Grapefruit is a beautifully wearable scent. In the bottle, it is strong, sweet, perfectly ripened red grapefruit. On my skin, it's not quite as potent as the bottle, but settles into a nice, light, sunny red grapefruit. It's got surprising tenacity for a citrus perfume, with an average wear time of five hours on me. The sillage is low-moderate, and it's a wonderfully sunny pick me up., I'm completely enamoured with this one.

Grapefruit Rouge...not so much, It's perfectly fine, but I don't get the same thrill when I smell it - it doesn't click with me as Garnet Grapefruit does. Grapefruit Rouge is described as "A green, sweetly radiant grapefruit, softened with fruitiness." It's got an edge that reads soapy to me. In the bottle, it's softly green with a bright, sweet grapefruit note reminiscent of grapefruit candy slices, and the effect reminds me of grapefruit body wash rather than an actual grapefruit. I would love this as a scrub, but not a perfume. On my skin, it starts off with a burst of sweetness, but the greener notes reign supreme and so it becomes a grapefruit soap once more, without the citrusy punch I would like. The sillage is low-moderate like Garnet Grapefruit, and it also has some decent tenacity for a citrus scent, lasting about six hours on my skin.

The next test, of course, was to layer these notes. I'm not really a big layerer of perfumes, mostly because I am lazy, but together, these two are really quite lovely. They almost have me sold on keeping Grapefruit Rouge, even though I am trying to weed out my perfume collection into a semi-sane number of bottles. It's a wonderful grapefruit, both tart and green. The soapy note is no longer detectable and the result is a more complex grapefruit that is still very obviously grapefruit.

Scent decisions like this are always troubling, so I think this calls for a Fresca. Which I'm also fairly certain doesn't contain real grapefruit. 

You can find the layering notes at Pretty Indulgent, and The Rhinestone Housewife.

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  1. I hated eating grapefruit for the longest time but now I love the ruby red variety. Well, maybe not love. A strong like.

    The smell of grapefruit is lovely but any grapefruit note on a perfume turns sour and sweaty on me. It's too bad -- these two sound beautiful.


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