Saturday, 20 February 2016

February Thoughts

I was struck by a box of Fun Dip valentines in the grocery store mid-January - it was a box of 24 Fun Dips, in cherry or that blue raspberry/green apple one that change colour when you lick the powder on the stick. There were dozens of them sitting there, and I thought I would grab a box half-price after Valentine's Day, because who doesn't need a box of flavoured sugar? But there were none left on Monday, and so I slunk home, having survived the candy sales. This was possibly spurred by the enormous amount of candy that I've received in the past few weeks (I did a snack exchange and my mom sent me chocolates for Valentine's Day), but I'm chalking it up to a success. And with that success in mind, I'm giving myself the treat of my favourite kind of blog post: just a random mismatch of beauty thoughts.

Low Buy

I've alluded to it before here, but didn't want to post about it too much until I was sure I had landed on a plan that would actually stick. And I did, though I think January ended up being easier than anticipated because I was participating in two exchanges on reddit - the snack one and a beauty one - and so having those come in did take the edge off of my change in buying habits. But I haven't found it terribly difficult so far, and I've made a concerted effort to change my habits: unsubscribed from e-mails, stopped window shopping when bored, and have limited my consumption of reddit, which is where I tend to read the most about releases and feel my resolve cracking. I was also overwhelmed with the things I do have, and so I've started destashing as well, to bring things to a more manageable level. I will be moving within the year to God knows where, and I am never bubble wrapping that many little bottles of perfume oil ever again.

My low buy is item-based: for each quarter, I will only purchase three new products each in the realms of makeup and perfume. Kind of like a capsule collection. I've decided not to count tools, skincare, or nail polish, since I don't get carried away with those. Repurchases are also not part of this - if a product is good enough for me to use it up and repurchase, then it's worthy of being in my budget. 

I have already maxed out my allocations for this quarter, ending the beginning of April. I've picked up three new perfumes (Arcana Krampus Craves and Fille de Joie and Solstice Scents Lavender Raspberry Truffle) and three lip products (Revlon Colorburst Matte Stain in Fierce, Bite Luminous Creme Lipstick in Kir Royale, and Haus of Gloi lip tint in Rose Gold) so I am now forced to no buy till the end of March. I am looking at this as a lesson in practicing restraint, though, and hopefully will space out any purchases better in the spring. If spring ever comes. But that's more weather-based than anything currently on my lust list (NARS 413 BLKR lipstick, NAVA Pink Vanille perfume oil, NAVA Ember Vanilla perfume oil...).

Dry Skin

Speaking of the long, dreadful winter, I have been suffering the dryness of the season + a change in climate + weather yoying - and all of this is making my skin dry and flaky. Before I moved here, I started using some of the Laneige Water Bank skincare. This turned out to be a really good idea, since I desperately need the moisture now. My face has been grateful for the essence and gel cream every night, and the occasional use of a sleeping pack. It is the only part of my body that seems to be weathering the storm, and that's probably because I pay more attention to it than the rest of my skin. Sorry, body. I've gotten a bit lax on using body lotion in the last month or so, and that hasn't helped at all.

I've never had an issue with dry skin before, but everything is feeling a bit parched these days. Even my ears are dry. I received a tube of Lucas's Paw Paw Ointment in my snack exchange, from Australia, and I've been smearing it on my ear to try and help. It's been helping, though I've moved from a totally miserable dry mess to a slightly annoyed dry mess. I've typically had normal to oily skin, so this new dryness is hard for me to wrap my head around.

I also need to work on getting some unscented hand lotion for work - use of Purell is drying out my hands even more, and of course, the hoard of moisturizer I have at home is all scented. If anyone has any suggestions for a good unscented hand lotion that I can preferably purchase in Canada, I'm all ears. I'm thinking I might pick up a tube from Sunsets and Seas, because I do really like their lotion, but I welcome suggestions.

And for the love of all that is holy, pray I stop flaking soon, lest I have to go buy a humidifier.


Despite my profession of undying love for tinted balms, lately I've been craving more pigmented lip colours. More saturation. More colour. I still don't have a ton of lipsticks, but I have a good variety of colours and am currently wearing a lot more lipstick than usual.

I'm mostly switching between Bite Kir Royale and Limnit Olly Olly Oxen Free, two lovely, bright berry colours on me. I've also been reaching for browns, like MAC Viva Glam VI, Revlon Matte Balm in Fierce and Lacquer Balm in Coy.

Revlon Coy. 

Preen Two Turtledoves

Bite Kir Royale

And Bite Cava, of course. The best, oddest nude I've ever worn. Instead of just washing me out, it washes me out in the strangest, undead way. The only standout of these colours I've had in heavy rotation lately is Preen Two Turtledoves, which is a lovely pink with gold shimmer.

L-R: Bite Kir Royale, Limnit Olly Olly Oxen Free, NARS Audrey, MAC Viva Glam VI, Revlon Fierce, Revlon Coy, Bite Cava, Preen Two Turtledoves

I was violating my window shopping rule last night, though, and was looking at Limnit's shop. I really like the lipsticks I do have (and will eventually post a review on them) and What Lies Beneath caught my eye. It's the perfect brown-berry-red. And then I remembered I have a sample of it. And I tried it on last night and really liked it. And then I tried it on again today, to see it in daylight...and I really, really like it. Onto the list it goes.

Limnit What Lies Beneath

Nail Polish

After roughly eight years of indifference to nail polish, with intermittent interest in nail polish here and there, I've spent the last couple of months giving myself fairly regular manicures. Not every week, mind you, but often enough that I chose to pick up a bottle of Essie Mint Candy Apple and Essence Gel Top Coat (plus my beloved Bioderma) with some Shoppers Optimum points instead of adding something practical like socks or shampoo to my purchase to meet the point redemption threshold I needed. I don't buy nail polish very often, so every time I want to buy a bottle is fairly noteworthy. And every time I do my nails is also fairly noteworthy. I might even enjoy it again! Plus blue nail polish can be wonderfully rebellious in a conservative work environment. I can't wear jeans, but I can wear fun glitter on my hands.

Femme Fatale Poisoned Apple

Now if only I could improve my painting technique.

Bath (Addiction)

I love baths. 

I didn't take any baths at all between the ages of 7 and I don't know...20? In a house with five people and one bathroom, taking leisurely baths is not something that happens. The I went to university, and while there were technically bathtubs in the bathroom on my residence floor, I don't know anyone who would have willingly taken a bath in them, myself included. The residence hall I lived in was built in 1967, and with the exception of installing some wifi in there, I suspect nothing at all had been changed in the 42 years between the laying of the stone and my moving in. 

I was several months into my apartment life before it occurred to me to take a bath - I had just had eye surgery, I was miserable, and I needed to be in constant darkness due to the fact that light was not compatible with my existence at that point. I figured a bath would be safer than trying to shower in the dark. I loved it. It was so relaxing.

Baths are one of the easiest, cheapest ways to give yourself a treat. And in my growing love for baths (I think I'm up to at least one a week), I have moved on from using the mountains of body wash that people give me even though I don't use body wash as bubble bath, to enjoying bath bombs of various kinds. I like Haus of Gloi's butterbombs the very best, but I occasionally pick up a Lush one. However, I've decided to start experimenting with making my own. There are dozens of recipes out there, and a friend who has actually made bath bombs before has offered to aid me in my journey when I probably screw it up. I'll report back on my bath bomb adventures.

I can report on this cinnamon roll cheesecake, though. Delicious.


  1. YES BATHS. I love sitting in one until I turn into a prune.

    For no fuss hand creams, it doesn't get much better than Glysomed if you don't mind a thicker texture. And winter here has been so mild that I didn't get the dry face scenario like you, but the other day I exfoliated too much and everything stung during a particularly windy day. Come on, spring!

    1. The only disappointing thing about baths is that I don't like to read in them. I feel like reading in the bath sounds better than it is in execution. So I tend to play music or stick my laptop with a show on on a chair.

      Thanks for the rec! I just discovered we were supposed to get work-supplied hand cream and we never did, so I have to follow up on that. I will probably pick up some Glysomed to tide me over - can't believe I forgot about it; we used it all the time at a previous job.

      Spring...the season that never comes...


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