Saturday, 27 February 2016

Lust List

The thing about the internet is that there is so much information that you can't possibly be expected to find it all, or even remember what little of it you've discovered. Since I'm in the business of filtering information for other people, I tend to read a lot of things on the internet...and it has to go in one eye and out the other for efficiency's sake. Which is why I forgot about the sale of Woodleigh Replicas until earlier this week, when a post was shared on my Facebook news feed.

$10,000 SELLING BONUS!! The former Woodleigh Replicas in Burlington, PEI is for sale with a huge price reduction. New...
Posted by Allan Weeks on Monday, 16 November 2015

I dimly recalled reading about the sale last summer, and in fact, dating back to 2008, when the park was closed due to the owners turning over the keys to the government of PEI. Woodleigh Replicas was a park full of replicas of castles and manors and other buildings from the UK - the biggest one, and the one I remember most clearly, is the Tower of London, and I seem to recall that they played a spooky recording of sounds of what I assume were ghosts when you passed through the cells. I was 6 the one and only time I went to Woodleigh Replicas, so my memory is a bit faded, but I do remember being totally, completely enchanted. So when I saw the post again, I shared it with my cousins, and suggested, somewhat jokingly, that we all chip in and buy it. This is an impossible dream right now - all of us are in our early twenties and are still working on things like permanent jobs and small degrees of stability - but wouldn't owning a castle in PEI be magnificent?

All of this is a roundabout way to say that suddenly obsessing over things is not a new hobby for me, and right now my strange obsession is the former Woodleigh Replicas site. However, since that's unobtainable right now (and somewhat impractical - I'd want to live in it because castle! But there's no heat or plumbing or electricity in them. It would be too much work), I've moved back to slightly more obtainable things: beauty items.

While I did say that I had been working on changing my beauty consumption (and I have, I swear!), this is still a beauty blog and I still like all things that are beauty. And as it turns out, I have yet to fully crush the feelings of want. I will say, however, that in dreaming about the new acquisitions to my collection, I've been remarkably restrained. And even spent lots of time thinking about these things. Imagine that.

1. Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Last Kiss

Source: Fyrinnae

This was part of Fyrinnae's 2015 Hallowe'en release. I moved on October 31st, so I had even less interest in Hallowe'en than usual this past year, and therefore ignored anything related to Hallowe'en, including beauty products. Fyrinnae's website swatches range from non-existent to crappy (there are a handful of good ones, but the lip lustres are not deserving of them? Who knows) but a friend recently received Last Kiss and swatched it and I swear, it was like a sunset. Gold and pink and orange. It looks beautiful, and unique, AND something I might actually wear. Imagine that for an interesting lip colour.

2. Limnit Lipstick in What Lies Beneath

I've been obsessing over NARS 413 BLKR for months now, since Auxiliary Beauty reviewed it. It's a marvellous plum-brown-red, and I've been deliberating over it for some time. There are two major problems with trying to get this lipstick: one, it's only sold at NARS stores and online. I can tell you right now, without even looking, that there are no NARS stores within 1000km of me. I don't even think there are any NARS stores in Canada. Two, shipping from the NARS website to Canada is insane for one lipstick. I considered begging an American friend to make use of her mailbox to ease the pain, and had elicited permission for when I got around to it, but then I was breaking my window shopping rule and found myself on Limnit's Etsy shop. And drawn to What Lies Beneath, which looks close enough to 413 BLKR from my limited exposure to satisfy the longing. And even better, I happened to have a sample of What Lies Beneath, lying untouched in a drawer. I pulled it out to see if I really would like it...and I do. I love it. I even wore it all day twice this week, getting over my hatred of lip brushes to make sure I really like the colour in a variety of lights. I might even (gasp!) use up this sample before I get the lipstick.

Yellow light be damned, this is a great colour.

3 & 4. NAVA perfume oils in Ember Vanilla and Pink Vanille

Ember Vanilla: A haunting Vanilla cream with accents of caramel and a sweet kiss of brown sugar, in which we mean, the vanilla is underneath teasing and sweetening the woods of exotic Indian Sandalwood, American Cedar, California Redwood and the haunting decadence of our ICON Egyptian Oudh as part of this blend. A vision of smoked vanilla but only by using the finest of NAVA SL ingredients.

Pink Vanille: Pink Orchard Peach, Apricot Petals and Pink Apricot Nectar of Benhama, Kashmir. A drop of Pink Crystalline, Pink Crystal Vanilla, Pink Egyptian Musk, a kiss of Pink Sugar and Pink Peppercorn.

Don't those sound magnificent? I've been pining for both since they were both announced. What little I have of NAVA, I love. Smoky vanillas are also perfect for this dark, dirty time of year, and a softer, fruitier vanilla for spring. 

5. MiniMint 4x6 palette

The MiniMint palette I already have.

This is not strictly a makeup item, but it will house close enough. I want to rehouse my HelloWaffle Alternate Universe pressed pans, so I've been looking at MiniMint palettes. I actually have on already and really like it, so I've been quietly stalking the shop to see if there are any designs I like - each design is only produced once, so you have to jump on ones you like. I'm hoping to pull the trigger soon. This is a beauty tool, so strictly not part of my low-buy, but it's fortunate I don't want to depot anything else because I love these palettes.

With the exception of the Fyrinnae Lip Lustre, I've spent at minimum a montn thinking about all of these (or at least colours like these). I feel pretty good about the fact that there are only carefully chosen things on my wishlist, though I think it would be better to not have a wishlist at all. But while I doubt I can combat that feeling of want, at least I can channel it more appropriately.


  1. Replies
    1. IT is! I love it. The quality is great too, hence why I want another one.

  2. The Woodleigh Replicas park looks so cool! I didn't know there was something like it in Canada. Too bad it's over. I wish I'd had a chance to see this.

    1. I remember it being so amazing. I wish I had gone again when I was older and knew more about the history of the replicas. Every time I mention it to someone here they confirm how awesome it was and how sad it is that it's closed.


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