Saturday, 13 February 2016

Solitary Scrutiny: BPAL Black Silk

Happy Saturday! I had a surprise visit from my partner for the week, so things like scent reviewing fell to the wayside while I tried to show him the wonders of northern New Brunswick. I don't think he was sold on them, but we had a good week anyway. 

I've talked a lot about how I've been mostly unimpressed with the small number of BPAL scents I've tried. Not that they're terrible or anything, but I don't quite get the fervent following that BPAL has. And that's fine - not every perfumerie is for everyone. I do think that with the sheer volume of scents that BPAL has, I must be able to find something, right? The easiest BPALs for me to tackle are the Pretty Indulgent exclusives, since I don't have to find someone to forward BPAL to me, they're only a province away, and are priced in the struggling Canadian dollar. Black Silk caught my eye on a number of window-shopping excursions on Pretty Indulgent, and I ordered it sometime in November. I think. 

I was a little bit apprehensive about this one, but I got it anyway. And I am impressed with it - it's a beautiful, well-crafted scent - I'm just not particularly happy with it on me. It's lovely. However, it doesn't suit me very well. It doesn't settle into my skin in a comfortable way, and it never felt like it worked well with the way I like to wear scent. It was too heavy or too dark or too something. That's not very articulate, but it sums up my feelings on it. It just didn't fit.

However, now that I've preemptively set you up for my disappointment, I'll actually review it.

A throaty laugh, a sinuous whisper: blackened sandalwood and bourbon vanilla cream with gleaming Haitian patchouli, animalic ambergris accord, immortelle absolute, white benzoin, and a drop of Tobacco absolute. 

In the bottle, it smells of dark sandalwood, patchouli and tobacco. It's got a smokiness, but also something that smells like baby powder to me. I'm not familiar with immortelle or really ambergris, so I'm not sure how they play in the scent. Regardless, it's really hard to pick out different notes. They all work well together to make a dark, seductive scents. I wish the vanilla was more prominent, and is what I had hoped for when I ordered it. The vanilla is just a soft undercurrent of sweetness. The sillage starts off strong, and settles down to a closer to skin scent than might be expected from the notes. It's a very classy, kind of a dangerous scent. It lasted about ten hours on my skin. 

I like the idea of Black Silk, but I think I will be passing this on to a friendlier home. Alas. You win some, you lose some. I received a new Arcana (the first one I bought all year, so my low-buy is going very well - win!) the other day and it is magical...

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