Friday, 18 March 2016

I'm Dreaming Of A White Spring: Sixteen92 Holiday Collection

It's been sunny and relatively warm this week here in the hinterlands of northern New Brunswick. Snow was melting. Birds were singing. I saw some deer on the front lawn on the way into work one day. The sidewalks were bare. I considered wearing flats to work. I was a little suspicious, though. Spring-like weather mere days before spring is supposed to start? Sure enough, it started snowing today, and it's supposed to remain colder for the next few days. Plus a nor'easter is expected on Monday. With that in mind, I pulled out some of my more wintery perfumes once more, casting a longing sigh to my lighter, greener scents. While I know that I don't have to adhere to seasons, looking at bright, sunny perfumes is making me a little sad. As we roll into spring on the calendar, any signs of winter start to become annoying, no matter how the winter has gone. 

However, these two scents are not annoying, and really not even strictly winter scents. They just happen to be from a winter collection, but the scents themselves are not full of snow and fir and smoke and bayberries and general winter things. Both are lovely foodie scents, and light enough to wear year round. I originally picked these up during the Black Friday sale, but due to turnaround time, holiday shopping time, and being away over the holidays, I didn't actually get them till after Christmas. Which...while I am used to indie TAT and the apparent walking that packages do from the US to Canada, it was kind of a bummer because I was hoping to wear them during the holidays. It's only right to wear a scent called Merry & Bright at Christmas, isn't it?

Merry & Bright was a limited scent for the Black Friday - Cyber Monday - shopping holiday that doesn't exist in my country but seems to be trying to weekend. If you spent over a certain amount, you would get a free bottle with your order, but it was also available to purchase. I was ordering gifts for a friend, so I ordered one for her as well. Which was my evil plan to begin with but was confirmed after she hinted very strongly that she wanted it.

Described as "a plate of freshly-baked frosted sugar cookies set out on Christmas Eve night, dusted with snowy powdered sugar; roasted chestnuts drizzled with caramel; mini marshmallows toasted by the fire; twinkling lights and stuffed stockings," Merry & Bright sounds like Christmas. I might have fallen prey to clever marketing, but it really is a lovely scent. Warm and comforting. In the bottle, it smells like sugar cookies and caramel and chestnuts. Sweet and nutty and warm. On my skin, it's a warm gourmand - I get a toasted chestnut note, and lots of sugar cookies. It reminds me of a golden brown, though that may be the the description swaying me once more. It has moderate sillage, and lasts about six hours on my skin. 

The other scent is Toasted Marshmallow. Toasted Marshmallow was originally released as part of the Hot Chocolate Bar collection from winter 2014, and it was hyped. People raved about this scent. And while I enjoy a delicious toasted marshmallow (note to self: buy marshmallows and toast them over the stove), I wasn't immediately drawn to the scent. But when it rolled around again last fall in lotion form, I was curious. I bought a mini jar and fell in love. It was creamy and sweet, a puffy, soft vanilla. Not exactly like a marshmallow - more like a perfume interpretation of marshmallow. I ended up picking up some wax tarts too, so my apartment could smell like Toasted Marshmallow (also the reason I bought a wax warmer, so that may give you clue as to how much I enjoyed this scent in lotion format).When the winter release rolled around and Toasted Marshmallow was available in other forms, I picked up a perfume oil. 

Officially described as "everyone’s favorite hot chocolate topping, gooey marshmallows lightly toasted over a campfire," Toasted Marshmallow doesn't start off as creamy and lovely as the lotion does, but it is still a mighty fine perfume oil. It smells a bit more toasted that the wax tarts and lotion do - something about it is actually flame-touched. In the bottle it smells a bit plasticky to me, with a dash of vanilla sugar. It takes about twenty minutes for that plasticky bit to go away on me, which is not really ideal, but once it does, I get a lovely, sweet, slightly toasted marshmallow. Still a bit on the perfumey side, but closer to an actual toasted marshmallow than the lotion or tarts. The sillage is lower on this one; I find it hugs pretty close to my skin. It lasts about five hours on me.

Both of these are good scents. Nothing spectacular, but dependable and I like them quite a lot. Unfortunately, they're not available anymore. But you can maybe lurk destashes while biding time till next fall/winter.

In the meantime, it's time to turn my apartment into a marshmallow-scented palace. And buy some storm chips for Monday's storm.

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