Friday, 4 March 2016

Solitary Scrutiny: Smelly Yeti Cinnamon Bun

I had lot of of good, blogging intentions - I've had a very busy week at work, and needed something to help me wind down after I finished watching Fuller House (I was three when Full House ended, and I think it's cheesy and saccharine beyond measure but damn, if I don't love it. I feel the same about Fuller House) and wanted to supplement my playing of Pokemon Yellow, which I bought last weekend when it was released on the Nintendo eShop (last weekend was a good one for 90s kids). And then I called to finally rebook an appointment to write my beginner's, and they gave me an appointment today. I called Tuesday. I didn't anticipate this, so I've been squeezing in a bit of studying all week. Admittedly, the absolute very least that I could possibly do while still having said I read the handbook. Anyway, I went in today and walked out with my beginner's, so now I can finally learn to drive. Step 1 in my biggest goal for 2016: check. 

So in celebration of doing something I was never quite certain would happen (take that, vision! I WIN), I've decided to hunker down and get some blogging back on track. While enjoying some coconut nog and black rum. This could get silly. I'm sorry.

Simple, warm, and possibly a teeeeeeny bit underbaked - who doesn't love a good cinnamon bun?

It turns out that Friday is actually the perfect day to talk about this scent, because Friday is cinnamon bun day at work. I have joined the cinnamon bun club, which is one of those reward card things: buy six cinnamon buns, get one free. Of course, now that the cafeteria is closed on weekends, I can get my cinnamon bun half-price after 1...if there's any left. Not a good gamble. Everyone loves cinnamon buns. This scent is a good substitute for a cinnamon bun, if all of the front-line staff have bought them out and I'm left sadly looking at the case. In the bottle, it's warm dough, sweet and still a little gooey. The cinnamon is well-balanced here, and I catch a whiff of something that could be a nice cream cheese frosting drizzle. 

On my skin, it starts off as a bright cinnamon sugar, with very little of the warm bun part. It takes a few minutes to settle down, before the strong cinnamon edge wears off.  As the oil sinks into my skin, the dough scent starts to come back out. I only ever got the cream cheese frosting in the bottle; on my skin, this is just a plain, delicious, warm cinnamon buns. I've been crazy about cinnamon buns since I had enough teeth to chew them. This scent is that love of cinnamon buns in oil form. I smell like a cinnamon bun. I'm probably going to bake some after I finish this post, for real.

The sillage is moderate - I can catch whiffs of myself here and there, but I'm not overpowering anyone and making them hungry. It has excellent staying power, lasting eleven hours on my skin. 

This was a Scent of the Month from...November? I think. I got it as part of my exchange present from a dear friend, so I didn't get it till January. I don't think it's available anymore, sadly. I suggest going to get the real thing if that saddens you. It works to soothe on multiple levels.


  1. Learning to drive is one of my 2016 goals, too, though whether it happens depends on where I end up this year and what I'm doing in the summer. I really do want to learn before I turn 30, though. I mean, it's getting ridiculous.

    I love gourmand scents (L'Artisan's Safran Troublant is a favorite), but a perfume that smelled *too* much like the real thing might trigger a dessert craving every time I wore it. D:

    1. I find the ridiculously gourmand scents either quench the craving or stimulate a new one. It's really fifty-fifty.

      My mom didn't learn to drive till she was 32, and hasn't driven since she got her license...23 years ago, now. She for some reason keeps it up to date, though she has no intention of ever getting behind the wheel of anything. I promised her that I'd learn before I turned 32, and really, it's time to swallow my fear of driving and learn.


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