Monday, 28 March 2016

Solitary Scrutiny: Solstice Scents Lavender Raspberry Truffle

Happy belated Easter! I've been relishing the fact that I do not have to work, or study, or write a paper or anything at all this holiday weekend - and it's still a holiday weekend for me because I'm a spoiled public servant (I got my share of ribbing from my family on this). We're coming up on a year since I finished the coursework for my MLIS (whaaaaat) and I have to tell you, I look forward to a few more years of not doing any homework or paper-writing - by then, I might feel up to returning to some sort of study, because I do want to continue on with education. But right now I'm basking in the glory of freedom. And chocolate. 

Solstice Scents Lavender Raspberry Truffle was actually released for Valentine's Day, but it's getting its day in the sun for Easter, because it's a chocolate scent and it works, I tell you. In fact, if you're lucky, there are lingering Valentine's chocolates on sale with the Easter chocolate on this day. I snapped up two boxes of Guylian seashells for a third of the price. Hazelnut pralines are my life. If Solstice Scents wants to make a hazelnut chocolate scent, I'm in.

Solstice Scents has long been one of my favourite perfumeries, but if you've been carefully keeping a count of what I review and when, you'll know that I've reviewed exactly one of their scents in the last year - Solstice Scents has been focusing on their EdPs in the last year, and I'm a sad international soul who can only buy the sample sprays, which is why I've really avoided getting into the EdPs. I mean, I love Estate Vanilla and can't get a full size bottle of it. I've mostly been clutching my almost empty sample spray and quietly plotting elaborate smuggling schemes in order to get a full bottle across the border. I don't actually live close to a convenient border crossing, otherwise I would seriously consider getting it shipped to a box in Maine and finding a way to get over to pick it up, which is probably the only legal way. Alas. 

Anyway, the Valentine's release had two new scents in it, and Lavender Raspberry Truffle intrigued me. I spent two days thinking about it, and then snapped it up when it went live on February 13th. I'm starting to realize that I like lavender more than I thought - it pairs very well with lots of sweet notes and I enjoy the pairing. See: Arcana Fille de Joie and Clara - both fruity gourmands with lavender.

The nice thing about shopping at Solstice Scents is that while the website aesthetic is not my schtick, the descriptions are crystal-clear and very detailed about the wear. The full description is here, but the short and sweet version is "White Chocolate, French Lavender, Bulgarian Lavender, Tonka, Cocoa Absolute, Raspberry." In the bottle, it smells like lavender, with some dark chocolate. It's almost off-putting to my lavender-averse self - I might have accepted lavender as a note, but I don't like it being the only note. 

On my skin, it starts off as lavender lavender lavender, but as it sinks into my skin, the chocolate notes start to come out. It takes about ten minutes for the lavender to step back and become an herbal thread in the background of the scent, keeping the sweeter notes from becoming too cloying. It's predominantly white chocolate, a rich creamy one, and the raspberry is superb once it peeks our after about twenty minutes. It's like the berries in a raspberry crisp - juicy, sweet and a bit like a good raspberry jam. It's delicate and delicious and I love it. Solstice Scents has really stepped up their craft over the last couple of years, and it's been showing. The quality of the scents is only getting better and better. This one is wonderful.

It wears close to the skin, and lasts about six hours on my skin. It fades to a soft vanilla cream with a dab of raspberry juice. It's a really versatile scent too - the website recommends it for wearing before bed, and I do see the soothing aspect of it, but it's also a very ladylike, elegant scent. I feel like slapping on some red lipstick and a nice dress and wearing it to dinner. 

This is also the introduction of the new 5ml rollerballs for all of Solstice Scents's perfume oils. For many years, the standard perfume oils have come in 10ml rollerballs and have been an absolute steal for the quality, ranging from $15-18USD, typically. Now they're a few dollars less, but half the size. I feel like this should annoy me more, but considering I find it a struggle to finish even 1ml of perfume oil, and have always thought that Solstice Scents undervalued their scents by a large margin, I'm really not bothered in the slightest. Anyway, the new bottles are nice and solid and leak-free and generally nice, though the uniformity of my Solstice Scents collection is disrupted slightly.

May your journeys to find half-price chocolate be successful.

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