Friday, 22 April 2016

Bite Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Verbena

In February, Bite Beauty was all "Oh hey, we're discontinuing our main lipstick line. Like, next week. But! We're bringing out a new line of lipsticks with an entirely new formula, cool?" I'm still a little bit annoyed with how Bite did this - while beauty brands love to randomly discontinue things all the time (RIP Maybelline Pure Makeup foundation, I still miss you five years later), it was more dramatic than discontinuing foundation - the Luminous Creme lipsticks were the first lipsticks that Bite came out with, and remained the most extensive shade range of their products. And I liked them. I bought a tube of Kir Royale before they were yanked. But even my annoyance with Bite couldn't stamp down my curiosity. When the Amuse Bouche line was announced, I found myself studying the colour range and picking out some potential shades that I'd be interested in at some point. I made a short list for the April sale. And I ended up with just one: Verbena.

It's described as "rose terracotta." I picked a safe colour, that rosy brown MLBB just in case - it's easier to get used to a new formula, I think, when picking a safe colour. Unless, of course, you're going for a statement lipstick. But for $32, I'm looking for more of a workhorse kind of lipstick. I want to wear it, and wear it often. And of course, I do love this specific colour family maybe a little too much. 

It's a perfect colour for work. And for my partner's grandfather's 90th birthday last weekend - there were family photos, a formal party at the town curling club (three things I learned about turning 90: over 200 people will attend your party in a town of like 600; you will get enough in Tim cards to buy coffee and doughnuts for your friends for an entire year; and your grandchildren and their spouses will probably sneak out to the parking lot to drink the beer they stashed in their trunks upon learning that we didn't pay for the bar to be open. Ah, rural New Brunswick), and a later informal family party at the house. It wore well through all of that, though I did reapply three or four times over twelve hours. Admittedly, I ate and drank pretty much constantly that whole time.

The Luminous Cremes were criticized for having a lot of slip, and for people who prefer firmer, matter formulas, the Amuse Bouche line will appeal more. I find it to be slightly less moisturizing than the Luminous Cremes, but still on the end of more moisturizing lipstick formulas. 

Bare lips.

One swipe of Verbena. I find it's pulling more pink on me in pictures than it is in real life.

The formula wears really well. It's smooth, it doesn't highlight dry patches or sink into my lip lines. It's also a very light formula, so easy to forget you're wearing lipstick - this could be bad with a darker colour. You have been warned.

The thing I don't find that great is the very strong citrus scent. It's frankly overbearing. It doesn't taste like anything, which is what I demand in my lipsticks. (Aside to Givenchy: if you're going to charge those prices, your lipstick shouldn't taste like waxy roses.) The scent takes a few minutes to dissipate and once it goes away, it's an excellent lipstick but the overwhelming citrus scent isn't that pleasant to me. It's like a weird grapefruit-lemon-orange scent which in theory sounds great but is not. It's not the worst ever, but it's a con that slightly dampens my enjoyment of this lipstick. 

I looked for dupes in my collection, because I just knew I had to have one. The closest I've found in HelloWaffle Technic, which is almost identical, though it was limited edition so this is actually not that helpful.

L-R: MAC Viva Glam VI, Bite Verbena, Lancome Shine Lover in Twisted Beige, HelloWaffle Technic

In short: the Amuse Bouche formula is pretty good. Maybe even better than the Luminous Cremes (to be later fully decided). It's made in Canada. If it would not smell like a weird citrus salad, it would be perfect. But alas, we can't have everything. Or at least lipsticks that don't smell ridiculous.


  1. I'm still baffled by how abruptly Bite discontinued the Luminous Cremes and released the Amuse Bouches. I wonder if the brand wasn't doing well and they thought their only hope for revived interest was a total overhaul of their core line? But they must have had this in the works for longer than a week or however long they gave people to stock up on their favorite LCs, so...yeah, it's just weird.

    I love your description of that 90th birthday party. I should go to more parties in rural New Brunswick. And Verbena looks lovely on you! It's such an interesting blend of MLBB and peach. I have my eye on Chai as a replacement for my mini Topshop lip bullet in Motel...

    1. I agree - they had to have been planning this for a while but the timing around the release was just really weird. It's possible that the Luminous Cremes weren't selling as well as their smaller lines, but I don't know. It's very odd.

      I'm so glad that I like Verbena as much as I do, since I ordered it sight unseen (the downside to rural New Brunswick). I need to get to a Sephora and swatch all the other ones.

  2. Sigh... so displeased with the discontinuation of the Luminous Cremes. I never found them slippery in the slightest, probably because my lips more frequently than not resemble sandpaper. Verbena is a really pretty color, and one of the few I've reluctantly peeked at, but everything about the Amuse Bouche formula is precisely what I'm not looking for in a lipstick. Time to troll for dupes..

    1. I liked the Luminous Cremes a lot, but that was the most common complaint I heard. They were so good. It was just so weird.

  3. Love this colour on you, but I'm pretty sure that Bite just needed an excuse to up their price and a new line was the way to do it while initiating a buying frenzy. There was nothing wrong with the old line! (I don't have any but had my eye on a shade or two. Screw that now.)

    1. Absolutely. It made me feel a bit icky, but obviously not enough to not try one.


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