Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Early Summer: Darling Clandestine Popcreme and Light Machine

Disclosure: The Light Machine and Popcreme oils were sent to me as gifts - I did not know they were coming till they were here. I purchased the Popcreme body spritz.

I had lots of good intentions to have this review posted before Darling Clandestine put up the second wave of summer goods, because included in that was the delightful Popcreme, in case one missed it the first time. However, two things happened: I decided to go home for the long weekend, and one of my wisdom teeth decided to start coming in. I don't generally like making excuses for my tardiness because this is a hobby blog and frankly no one really cares, but I need to vent about my wisdom tooth for a minute, because it is currently sucking all the joy out of my life. And unlike last time one came in, I don't have any leftover Percocet from an eye surgery to toss back. I will suffer probably not that silently for the next few weeks. Send condolences to my technician, who has no choice but to listen to me for the next few weeks.

I think - and I might jinx it by saying this, but whatever - we have finally reached the week where it abruptly turns from cool, chilly, snowed-last-week weather to summer. Full on summer. Last week I wore my down-filled coat to work, today I'm wearing shorts. So it goes here, but it does mean that I can finally embrace summer makeup and perfume and clothing. So my Darling Clandestine early summer goods are now appropriate versus when they were put on sale and I whined about it not really being anywhere near summer. 

I originally passed on Light Machine because the notes did not intrigue me, but I was so ready for Popcreme. This still seems fairly accurate after having tried them both: Light Machine was a solid meh, while Popcreme is probably going to be my summer 2016 scent. It's a really lovely, bright scent, while Light Machine is much more sombre and mysterious.

Light Machine is a nostalgic all-botanical blend starring palo santo, marzipan, immortelle, black currant, ylang ylang and a couple of mellow transitions in between. 

In the bottle, this smells like anise. Blech. Considering that I used to douse my hands in industrial strength hand sanitizer to get rid of the scent of anise when I handled it as a lowly grocery wench, The strong anise note dissipates after a few minutes, but it still lingers, with a soft, white floral and something that smells bitter and green. It gets softer as it wears, with a sweetness that I attribute to the black currant, but I'm still not crazy about it - it's too sharp, too bitter, too...something for me to really enjoy it. It feels dark and damp, though it doesn't smell like either of those things. It brings to mind a blackened purple. I try not to talk too much about how I assign colours to scents because it doesn't really make a whole lot of sense, and everyone who does do it assigns different ones to the same scent, but really. That's all I can think of when smelling this. (I'm loath to call it synesthesia because it's not very consistent. I digress.)

Light Machine is a low sillage kind of scent, likely due to the fact that it's a botanical blend. It's also not terribly long-lived, lasting about four hours on my skin. I should probably pass this one on because I don't like it all that much, but I don't know. It's oddly fascinating, once I get past the anise-like scent at the beginning. I'm not really sure what palo santo smells like and considering it's a tree native to much further south than here, it's not surprising. I'll likely end up passing this on to a more loving home. It's interesting, but I don't enjoy it. I am wondering if I might like it more in cooler weather, since I started testing it as it started to get above zero consistently. I know it's supposed to be early summer, but it reads more winter to me.

As I've talked about before, having such well-defined seasons lends to differing opinions on when scents should be worn, and so I tend to hold onto things that I probably shouldn't, just because they feel like a different season to me. I'm trying to remember the Fall 2015 Perfume Bubble Wrap session in order to curb this.

But Popcreme! Oh goodness. I probably don't need this much Popcreme (and have already decanted some of the body spritz to send to a friend) but since I want to bathe in it right now (this too, shall pass), I'm enjoying having two different ways to wear it. The body sprtiz base is a stock water-based base, as was thoroughly disclosed in the listing and announcement of the early summer collection. It absorbs quickly and I like to spray it into my hair, where it enjoys plenty of longevity. On my skin, it is not so long-lived, but it sticks around with good sillage for about four hours. 

Reminiscent of shaved ice soaked with the retro “tiger’s blood” syrup flavor---candy watermelon, strawberry, and a splash of coconut---and then drizzled over with cream, spilled onto a vinyl dashboard, and endrunkened with the sharp, hoppy froth of an India pale ale.

I know the vinyl note made a lot of people nervous (me too), and in the bottle, it's definitely candy + vinyl. The body spritz is heavier on the candy watermelon, while the oil is more vinyl + hops. On my skin, the candy scent takes over - it's mainly a bright, cheery, candy watermelon, but as it sinks into my skin, the strawberry and coconut come out some more. The vinyl disappears almost completely once on my skin. It's more of a supporting note to darken up the scent so it's not just HELLO I AM CANDY.

I also get a lot of the beer in the back of this scent, though it remains a candy watermelon + coconut + cream scent. It's sunny and bright and cheery and I love it. It's very feminine, but also with a dark, cunning streak. The oil wears darker than the body spritz, which has more of the candy scent, while the oil smells more complex, with the beer and vinyl being ever so slightly more detectable. With the spritz in my hair, the candy watermelon reigns supreme. The oil has excellent sillage, leaning moderate-high (you're not going to knock anyone over with this, but someone within comfortable conversation distance will catch some soft whiffs of this) and lasts about seven hours on me. It makes me so happy. I love it.

The Popcreme oil appears to have sold out on Darling Clandestine's Etsy, so if you're in dire need of either of these, I'd check destashes.

And since today is an-almost-sweltering 25C, I'm going to spray myself with Popcreme and catch the last rays of sunlight on my porch. Ah, summer.

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