Sunday, 26 June 2016

Epically Epic Cherry Popsicle

Unlike ice cream, which a season-less dessert in my family, popsicles are strictly a summertime treat. The first box is usually purchased on the first warm day or the first time my father has to mow the lawn this season, and the last box is purchased around the beginning of September, with the last one eaten as we start to have to wear pants again and frost coats the grass in the morning. We always bought a giant box of the No Name ones (in Canada, there is a brand called No Name) that come in grape, cherry and orange. My father has a weakness for the grape ones, and inevitably, he would eat all of them up first, and we would all sigh over the fact that we were stuck with cherry and orange. Not being especially fond of orange popsicles, I turned to cherry.

There is an actual point to this anecdote - I've eaten a lot of popsicles in my life, and (sigh) more cherry ones than I'd like. My mouth has been stained bright pink on many a hot summer's day. You know the pink. It's a cool pink while frozen but the very essence of bright pink once on your skin. Bright but not neon.

So when Epically Epic released some new lipsticks in the winter, I was intrigued. I was particularly intrigued by the one called Cherry Popsicle. I don't have the description because they aren't in stock at the shop, but I recall something about it being inspired by the colour of cherry popsicles and smelling like one. The second is very true - I've found the Epically Epic lip products to be strongly scented, but they always smell exactly like the descriptions of their scents. This smells like a cherry popsicle.

The colour, however, is not what I expected based on the description or the name. I actually bought this off of a friend after I had seen her swatches so I knew what I was getting, but I know she didn't originally, because there weren't any swatches on the website. Or mention of the very fine shimmer in this. It's a colour that's grown on me, but a pinkish-red with very fine gold shimmer. 

I may not have the website description, but I'm pretty sure it did not say anything about shimmer, because it was the chief complaint of my friend, who would not have purchased it at all if she'd known about the shimmer. 

Top to bottom: three swipes, two swipes, one swipe

I also don't think these are really lipsticks. They're more pigmented than the lip tints, but I think they occupy that weird grey space that so many indie tinted balms usually occupy: it's too pigmented to be a proper tinted balm, but not pigmented enough to be a lipstick. In this case, it's an anomaly: it's billed as a lipstick, where they're usually not. The formula feels much more like a balm, making it very comfortable to wear. The colour stains lightly, though the shimmer wears away unevenly. Which is kind of a pain. It doesn't last all that long, maybe a couple of hours, with snacking and drinking.

Bare lips.

I mean, I like it. It's a pretty colour. But it's not exactly what was billed on the listing, and I feel like I would have been less happy with this lipstick had I bought it at launch like I originally planned (and then wisely didn't). I will grant this: the pictures of the colour in tube and packaging were fairly accurate, but it's hard to get an idea of what a colour looks like in the tube. And the shimmer wasn't evident in the photo. 

One coat of Cherry Popsicle

And that ushers in another complaint: why is is so hard for makeup companies to put accurate portrayals of colours on their websites? My swatches are nothing to write home about, I fully recognize that, but I'm also a 24 year old librarian who blogs for fun, and even large makeup retailers like Sephora cannot seem to get their shit together and put up swatches or anything that would help you get an idea of the colour. 

Since the launch, people have swatched all of the colours, so I may pick up another one at some point, but I'll be looking at swatches and reviews to make sure I get a colour I really will like. And while this doesn't look like a cherry popsicle, I do like it. 

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