Thursday, 30 June 2016

No-Buy Month #1: June

It's been not quite a month since I began my beauty no-buy, but since the calendar provides such an easy way to split my no buy into chunks, this will be the three and a half week update. 

A recap: I am going on a beauty no-buy from June 6th, projected to end September 3rd, when I take off for my holiday in Belgium. This no-buy has been declared for a couple of reasons: to give myself the final kick I need and reset my beauty buying habits, and to save up some money for my trip. This no-buy includes all beauty products: makeup, skincare, nail polish, skincare, perfume, hair stuff, and bath. Exceptions include: necessary replacements and items obtained with points/GWP codes. Money from destash sales must remain in my Paypal till September. 


I've been successful so far, though there were a couple of very near-misses (I almost cracked on a few perfumes: Darling Clandestine Goldenflake, Arcana This Is Not Canada and Call The Embassy). I'm not sure exactly how high to rate this as a success so far: I did stop myself from giving into temptation, but it also hasn't been very long since I started this no-buy and I had some orders from before the no-buy arrive early on (HelloWaffle and Sunsets and Seas closing stuff, Sixteen92 summer stuff) to cushion the blow. So I've had some new things to play with this month anyway. 

On the other hand, I have been spending more time looking at what I do have and playing with some of my lesser used products. I've tossed a few more things in the destash bin - I've decided to get rid of most of the remainder of my loose shadow, and a palette. I'm just not going to wear it, and if I ever return to wanting to wear eyeshadow again, I still have plenty of colours. I'm enjoying what I have, rather than looking at things to get next. 

That said, I still have a few things that have crept onto my wishlist. 

1. Atelier Citron D'Erable

Source: Sephora Canada.

Atelier crafted this perfume exclusively for Sephora Canada and the notes list pulled me in as soon as I read it: "Lemon, Mandarin, Sichuan Pepper, Maple Syrup Accord, Eucalyptus , Blackcurrant, Maple Wood, Sequoia, Cedarwood." Doesn't that sound good? Berries and citrus and maple. Uuunf. However, it's also $140 for a bottle. HAHAHAHA. I am not in the practice of spending that much one one bottle of perfume (many bottles being a different story). It's online only, which excludes getting a sample in store, but Sephora had samples as a code, so maybe it'll pop back up as a promo code again. I do need to stock up on toner...

2. MAC Chili

This one is the fault of Auxiliary Beauty. She spoke of it, then swatched it, and I fell in love. MAC insists upon shipping with FedEx, though, and therefore I'm not really compelled to order from them because dealing with not Canada Post is more of a trial than dealing with Canada Post. It's such a lovely burnt red-orange. 

3. Arcana This Is Not Canada

I want this for more than the name, though you have to admit it's a pretty great name. The notes are "Sweet, jammy Canadian fir absolute and wildcrafted Canadian black spruce, suffused by three golden ambers." Doesn't that sound woodsy and fantastic? It brings to mind my very favourite Canadian stereotypes: wilderness and plaid. I'm hoping it will be kicking around in the fall.

4. Bite Beauty Squid Ink

It's been over a month and I cannot stop thinking about this colour. I'll probably get it in Sephora's fall sale. 

5. Bumble and bumble Surf Foam Wash Shampoo and Surf Creme Rinse Conditioner

I'm starting to get low on my shampoo and conditioner and after years of buying cheap shampoo (for the longest time, I only used Suave, which I could get for $1 a bottle if I waited for a sale), I suddenly feel the urge to buy shampoo and conditioner that costs more than $8 (the high end of what I've bought in the past) and so of course I jump right to the ones that will run me more than three times that each. There is a set of minis that has these two that I could get to test drive them, instead of committing to a full bottle right off that bat. However, part of me is still warning how stupid it is to spend that much on shampoo and conditioner. The other part is yelling "Treat yo'self," which is the part I'm trying to stamp down with this no-buy. We'll see. Do I really think $30 shampoo will be better for my hair? Not really. But it could be. 

This will probably not happen. I also have my eye on some Lush solid shampoo and conditioner, which is probably a more realistic version of decadent.

6. Colourpop Gel Creme Liners

Source: Colourpop. Top: Piggy Bank, Bottom: Teaspoon

I ordered some Colourpop in...April? May? I got it in May. Part of this order that I still have yet to review was one of the pots of creme gel colour. It's on my review block. Anyway, I really liked it. I've dabbled with gel liners in the past, but have always returned to the pencil. But (dammit) Colourpop's are really nice to use. And they come in a billion colours. I do already have far too many eyeliners, but at some point I want to pick up a couple more of these. I have DTLA, which is a navy blue, but I'd like to get Piggy Bank (bright purple) and Teaspoon (emerald green).

Apparently my tastes are becoming more decadent (for the most part) while I don't buy anything.

I did get a few things in the month of June. I needed a replacement of my Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream moisturizer, and I used some points and a code to get a mini tube of Benefit Roller Lash Mascara and Clinique Almost Lipstick in Pink Honey, plus the usual samples and some cologne that was part of the Clinique code. I'll probably pass that onto my partner. I also got a bath bomb from a local company as a gift, and a mud mask. I currently don't have any masks, so I'm considering this one a replacement product. 

Clinique Piink Honey deluxe sample, Benefit Roller Lash deluxe sample, Ralph Lauren Polo eau de toilette deluxe sample, and Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream. Missing is my mask because I used it and tossed the packaging away, and my bath bomb because I used it already and photographed it extensively on Instagram.

I really like Roller Lash, which is why I spent points to get it. I've also been interested in Pink Honey since it came out rather quietly. However, I find it to be underwhelming. I liked Black Honey, which had sort of a gel consistency, but Pink Honey doesn't have the same texture at all, and it's a barely-there pink. If I'd paid for it, I'd be disappointed. 

I think July will be the true test. Though maybe not, since Canada Post may not be delivering mail as of July 2nd, when the union will be in a legal strike position. In anticipation of that, I haven't bought anything at all online, even when I know it could be shipped with UPS or FedEx or Purolator, just in case I'm wrong. I am more worried about work, where we rely on Canada Post for interlibrary loans. But anyway. Stay tuned.


  1. I've been on an unofficial makeup low/no buy for.. a while, though I've very nearly doubled my perfume collection in that time (ack!). Fall stuff trickling out is starting to tempt me; it's my favorite season and fall shades look best on me, imo.

    I too used Suave haircare exclusively for years and years, and I think it's totally fine, but at the beginning of this year I switched to some fairly pricey stuff for color treated hair and I'm SO MAD NOW. I've been dying my hair since I was 11 and I could've saved a fortune on touch-ups with this stuff. I've never had such a "well, damn" experience with a more expensive product.

    Recently (earlier today) it came to me that I'd really like a navy liner, for which DTLA looks irritatingly perfect. I don't wear a lot of eyeliner though (I only own one) so I'm probably going to look for a shadow instead.

    1. I don't dye my hair, so I don't have colour to protect and I always figured I could (mostly) use whatever and it would be fine. But I've slowly come to realize that paying a tiny bit of attention to my hair will reduce the annoyance it gives me. I should really just cut it to a pixie, but then I'd have to get it trimmed all the time...I am considering the Lush more now.

      Perfume is so easy to get in the habit of picking up new ones all the time. I should know. But it all smells so good! I admit, I do feel some relief that I don't have new stuff coming in. I have more than enough to enjoy.

      DTLA is so good. Ugh. It doesn't budge. It's basically perfection. God, Colourpop.

  2. I really like Bumble's Sunday Shampoo. A lot of clarifying shampoos are harsh and stripping, but this one isn't. (At least it wasn't for my hair.) I felt a little sick at the $30+ price tag, but I think that I needed to try it once to get the expensive shampoo lemming out of my system. And now I'm back to drugstore offerings and my hair hasn't fallen out or anything.

    Good luck on the no-buy!

    1. Thanks! It's going pretty well so far, I think. Of course living in northern New Brunswick is help all by itself. Plus your own break from beauty obsession and consumption has been very inspiring.

      I can probably eek out a couple more weeks with my current shampoo and conditioner, plus I can dip into my two travel bottles of some unnamed stuff that smells good if I'm still dithering. I probably will buy them just to scratch that itch, and then carry on with drugstore life. Seven years since I moved out, and I'm still marvelling over how long soap/shampoo/toothpaste/etc last when you don't have five people using them. I don't know. The promise of ocean-scented showers does hit me at my weak point.


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