Thursday, 16 June 2016

Perfume Inventory: Spring 2016

It's been a while since I did a perfume inventory - I think pre-blog days, or at least I never posted it here. This is primarily a perfume blog, though I've always included makeup, so it feels like it's about time. I wrote this in bits and pieces over several weeks, because while lighting conditions don't really matter for taking photos of perfume bottles, this is a long post. I currently have ~70 bottles of perfume oil, down from a collection high of (gulp) over 200 at the beginning of 2015. So I've done really, really well in destashing, but I still want to trim it a fair bit. I don't wear perfume during the work day anymore, because I work in a scent-free environment, so it's limited to evenings, weekends, and holidays.'s still a lot of perfume. I've gotten a lot better about adding to my collection and I've managed to restrict my perfume buying considerably, adding 4-5 scents per quarter (I know, more than I said in my new year's resolutions which I haven't checked in either, but I've been gifted about half of the scents I've gotten since the beginning of the year). I am moving away from the need to smell everything, which is truly astounding. 

However, I've backed myself into a destashing corner: I've gotten rid of almost all of the easy passes and now I'm left with a collection of scents that I really do (for the most part) enjoy. Ideally, doing this will allow me to use the critical eye that I desperately need to cast upon my collection. It also may motivate me to post my detsash list on this blog finally (but don't count on it, because rural post office hours ensure that I am lazy as fuck about selling these). And finally, it will help me confirm a few thoughts I've had about my collection: favourite brands, changing preferences, and where my scent explorations will go from here. I can't see myself fully vanquishing the desire to play with scent and try new things, but I can see, for example, less desire to chase seasonal releases and LEs. 

Links to reviews where applicable. This isn't counting my samples, which I don't have many of lingering about any more, anyway. This is half-bottles and full bottles only. I've grouped them loosely, according to what I perceive to be the main note. Or subject - I had to stamp down the part of me that really, really wanted give these each three categories and subheadings. My latent cataloguer self reared a surprising, ugly head over the course of this. Ahem. 

I've also listed abridged notes lists with each scent. My very favourite are the ones with asterisks (*) in front of them.



  • *Arcana Apples Crave the Tropics: green apple, coconut flesh, tuberose, tiare, lime
  • *Arcana Fille de Joie: lavender, marshmallows, yellow peach, vanilla
  • NAVA Pink Vanille: pink peach, apricot blossoms, pink apricot nectar, pink musk, vanilla resin, black vanilla, pink Egyptian musk, pink peppercorn
  • *Darling Clandestine Popcreme: candy watermelon, strawberry, coconut, cream, vinyl, India pale ale
  • Arcana Coquette: honey, strawberries, cotton candy, vanilla, cognac absolute, balsam
  • Arcana Sirius: white grapefruit, golden amber, linden, red currant, cassis, pomegranate
  • Body Shop Satsuma: satsuma

  • Arcana Peppermint Candyflip: peppermint, blue frosting, sugar cookies, pink musk, blueberry candy, vanilla, bergamot, lemondrop
  • Arcana Princess Minnie: pink cake, vanilla frosting, cassis, suagr cookies, pink musk, pearl musk
  • Arcana McNaughty Nog: eggnog, yellow cake, rum, milk, nutmeg, caramel
  • NAVA Buttercream Butterfly: buttercream frosting, vanilla, Egyptian musk, sugar, cream cheese, soft musk
  • *NAVA Black Vanilla Custard: caramel, black vanilla, carmelized sugar, French maple-vanilla, rum, brown sugar, vanilla, custard
  • NAVA Apple Butter Crystal: apples, English sugar, English caramel butter, toffee pudding, nutmeg, vanilla cream musk, black vanilla
  • NAVA Candy Cane Crystalline: peppermint, vanilla cream, vanilla dust, strawberry, vanilla resin
  • Sixteen92 Toasted Marshmallow: lightly toasted marshmallows
  • Sixteen92 Merry and Bright: sugar cookies, powdered sugar, roasted chestnuts, caramel, marshmallows, fire
  • Arcana Krampus Craves: black vanilla, eggnog, blood orange, frankincense, sandalwood, deep myrrh, beeswax
  • *Smelly Yeti Cinnamon Bun: cinnamon, dough, sugar
  • Solstice Scents Lavender Raspberry Truffle: white chocolate, lavender, tonka, cocoa absolute, raspberry



Destashing: Well. Even after all of this, I'm still stuck on what could possibly go. I don't have a hard number of what could be the size of my collection - I don't want to destash to meet an arbitrary number. Glancing at this list, I'd say mayyyyybe Darling Clandestine Light Machine, because I have yet to fully decide on it. I should probably get rid of/replace what I can of my few remaining solids because I don't use each scent enough in order to get through a solid perfume in the 2-3 years it usually takes for them to lose potency. But I'm not committing to anything yet.

So this was an ultimately not that fruitful exercise in terms of destashing. But I did do some low-level collection analysis, with a word cloud! (Actual wear numbers to be tallied at the end of the year since I'm actually keeping track of this stuff this year!)

I took a list of all of the notes for all of my scents and plugged it into a word cloud generator. 

I was kind of surprised to see vanilla as the dominant note. Not surprised to see the prominence of apple, however! Pink is also used as a descriptor in a lot of my scents (pink musk, pink grapefruit, pink pepper, etc). My collection definitely leans very heavily to fruity, and the brand that I clearly have the most of is Arcana. Once again, not much of a surprise, since I tend to have a very high success rate. 

In terms of how my tastes have shifted since I bought my very first indie perfume (Firebird Woodsmoke & Vanilla - the bottle pictured. I've had a fair amount of turnover in my collection, but this one has always stayed) in November 2012, I've moved away from more simple scents into deeper, more complex scents. I originally ordered from Firebird because I saw a recommendation for it on a thread on Reddit asking about simple scents. I still like Woodsmoke & Vanilla, but I don't reach for it half as much as say, Arcana Krampus Craves or NAVA Ember Vanilla. I'm by no means an expert on scent now, but I do look back at older reviews and know that there are scents and shops I wouldn't purchase from now because they no longer fit my preferences for scents. I'm also getting pickier, which is nice. I still want to smell lots of things. But not all the things. 

Grand total: 70 perfumes. A nice, even number.


  1. I am in awe. I own a total of two perfumes (L'Artisan Verte Violette and Fresh Citron de Vigne), plus sample vials of Diptyque Florabellio and L'Ombre Dans L'Eau. I've never experimented with indie perfumes, mainly because I'm afraid of buying anything I can't smell first, and I hate more scents than I like.

    I love your word cloud! Vanilla is a favorite note of mine, as well. Have you ever smelled L'Artisan Safran Troublant?

    1. I wear perfume like people wear lipstick. :) I haven't! I sort of avoid the Sephora perfume section, though my last few trips have involved me sniffing at the rollerball stand. I'll have to check it out next time I go. I'm flipping through the L'Artisan scents now and a few look interesting....

      I was kind of surprised about vanilla. I like vanilla but I'm not as crazy about it as other people I know, so to have it be such a domnant part of my collection is interesting.


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