Tuesday, 5 July 2016


Time for a bit of non-beauty blather. Since I've started my no-buy, I've been trying to turn my attention to other things in my life. I think I've finally mastered the 8-4, Monday to Friday grind, and it also helps that it's actually light outside for more than half an hour when I get home. 

Canada Day 

Happy 149, Canada!

I spent Canada Day weekend in Halifax. Next year is Canada's 150th birthday so I expect that celebrations will be big and flashy, but I enjoyed my more low-key celebrations this year. I headed down with my partner's parents, and we had a great family weekend. We went to the Halifax Rotary Ribfest on Canada Day, and then took in the fireworks over the harbour from the water (it pays to know those with access to boats, I tell you). Saturday was a family friend's birthday, so we made way too much sangria and had a small party, complete with aggressive games of crib and yelling song titles at one another in an attempt to win Sporcle. 

Pre-fireworks view.


On the shore, just off a trail.

I've mentioned this before, but my current city has a really great trail system. I've been taking full advantage of this: there's loads of trails to beaches and old settlements and along abandoned train tracks and it's overall just a hell of a lot of fun. I'm having fun exploring. I meant to buy a bike this spring, but haven't due to some other expenses (driving school, though). However, this way I'm still getting out and exercising and seeing new things. 


My partner bought me Stardew Valley over the weekend. I am addicted. It's like a cross between Sims and Animal Crossing. You inherit a farm and work to improve it. These are the kinds of games that I love the most. And unlike Animal Crossing, the clock doesn't keep running when you stop playing, which is one of the few things that has always made me absolutely crazy. Stardew Valley is fun and relaxing.

Working Out

For about three months now, I've been forcing myself to do small workouts every night for about half an hour. It's still terrible and I hate it. But I feel better overall. And I'm sticking to one of my goals: be healthier. But it still sucks.


I'm still struggling with the whole shopping/cooking for one person - sometimes you just want to make a cheesecake. But then you have a whole cheesecake and no one to give it to. I also only have one other person in my department, so it's not like I can bring it to work.

I think I'm getting better, though. I've started to plan out my meals more coherently, and provide enough variety in my meals while making manageable portions. It's still hard, and I'm still sorting out what is just cheaper to buy prepared for one person versus what is cheaper to make, but it's coming along. 


I finished the first part of my driving school lessons: online modules. I've been doing online modules instead of the in-classroom training for the first half. I do have to call and get myself into a five hour in-person class to finish up this part, but then I can start booking lessons behind the wheel of an actual, real car. I'm kind of nervous. I think I might convince one of my car-owning relatives to take me to a parking lot before I start my lessons, because I've never actually sat behind the wheel of a car. I have a feeling I'll either be really good at driving or really terrible. Hoping for the former.

I think that's it for me. I'm feeling a bit down about the fact that I won't get up to the cottage - actually, since the cottage was torn down in the fall, the piece of land where it used to be - for a second summer in a row, but I don't think that could be helped. Hopefully I can make it up to camp there next year, and drag my partner along. I'll bring him to the Fortress of Louisbourg or something. I don't consider myself to be a particularly spiritual person, but if there's anything I feel a deep connection to, it's the ocean, and I always feel a pull to go home to Cape Breton this time of year, where I can be truly surrounded by it. I'll borrow the river as a substitute.

What's new with you?


  1. Cooking for one is always a pain. It's so much cheaper to make a full recipe that I usually just settle for eating leftovers for several days. Which I don't mind, actually, but I know there are lots of people who would mind half a week of leftovers.

    I wish there were more interesting walks around where I live! It's hard to access good walking routes without a car. I've become addicted to checking my step count per day on my iPhone. I took almost 30,000 steps during our day in Oxford last week, but now that I'm home it's hard to get to 10,000 per day, especially because it's so hot. Sigh.

    1. Depending on the dish, I can do 4-5 meals of it in a row. Ideally I like to do no more than 2-3 meals of the same thing in a row, and switch it up. I think my problem is that I've always been used to having hungry teenage and early twenties boys around to eat up what I didn't want (and sometimes what I did want) - my brothers, my roommate, my partner. I've been getting better at portioning out and freezing parts of recipes after I've had my fill.

      I'm so bad at keeping my phone on me so I usually have less than 1000 steps on it. I should get a Fitbit because the competition factor would really motivate me, but I also don't love exercise enough to drop that much money. I could also get that bike I want for the same amount soooo no contest. Maybe I'll change the battery in my old Pokewalker and count steps that way.

  2. Stardew Valley looks so good, I just watched the trailer on their website. I've never played a game on a computer though - not sure how I would go, I only have an old Nintendo DS and never use my husbands PS3!


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