Monday, 25 July 2016

The Scents of Summer: Sixteen92 New Radio

If you haven't figured out by now, I'm an absolute baby about summer. I hate heat. I don't like sunshine that much because I must liberally apply sunscreen every hour (the fact that I don't have a window in my office means that no UV rays actually get to my skin for most of the day and therefore I use this as permission to not put on sunscreen during the week unless I anticipate sitting on the porch after dinner or going outside for lunch, for which I keep a bottle of sunscreen in my desk). I don't like mosquitoes and black flies, both of which are plentiful during the summer. 

But lest you think that I spend almost all of my summer in a dark room, glowering at the Weather Network, there are things about summer that I actually do like. Swimming and going to the beach and generally anything to do with water. Ice cream. The hazy scent of hot fields. Drinking beer on patios. Beachcombing. Hiking. Barbeques - though we've been known to barbeque on a nice day in January, so it's not an exclusively summer thing. Fruit! Summer is the beginning of harvest season, and the end of eating sad fruit that was held over winter or imported from somewhere. 

And summer perfumes. Summer is my absolute favourite scent season, mainly because everyone gets on board with the fruity perfume train I spend most of my time on. Brands come out with wonderfully fruity and sweet scents, light and airy, and representative of all of the good things about summer. My Sixteen92 order was the very last one that I made before The Great No-Buy of 2016. I picked up a bottle of New Radio, after having had the chance to try a sample prior to ordering, and a couple of the sea salt sprays, in Snow Cone and Frozen Lemonade.

The sea salt sprays were kind of a bad idea for summer, since my hair automatically expands as soon as the humidity starts creeping up, so I haven't used them in a few weeks. The real reason that I picked them is because I already had a sea salt spray in Lolita, but while Lolita is a delicious, candy green apple scent on my skin with no hint of rose, but in my hair...there was rose. I did like the spray, though. It works well for enhancing the beachy, lived-in look that that I prefer, because it fits right in with my hair apathy. The scent is detectable, but not overpowering. It fades after a few hours. 

Snow Cone is described as "Shaved ice topped with mango, peach, coconut & key lime." It's tangy and sweet, with a dash of coconut. It reminds me a bit of Darling Clandestine Popcreme. These are much fancier Snow Cone flavours than I would think of, but hey. They smell really, really good.

The snow cone I had at the Exhibition last week. I picked cherry.

Frozen Lemonade is described as "Frosty lemonade splashed with tart cherry & sweet raspberry." It's tangy, very sweet lemonade, with the barest hint of berry. It reminds me a bit of drinking a Tim Hortons Frozen Lemonade, except maybe sweeter. It's my favourite of the two, though both don't smell like rose, so they both have knocked Lolita out of rotation. When my hair stops being naturally large, anyway.

The crown jewel of the order, and the one that I was looking forward to most, is New Radio. It really is one of the best summer scents that I've ever tried. Described as "Vanilla milkshake accord, maraschino cherry, pink lemonade, grass clippings, waffle cone," this start of bright and fruity, before drying down to a light, airy, pink scent. It reminds me of a light, pale pink, kind of like pink cotton candy.

In the bottle, it smells like marachino cherry and lemonade. It's syrupy and sweet. There's a hint of vanilla in the back, which eventually ends up being the base on my skin. Once applied, the pink lemonade fades after about an hour, leaving behind a vanilla milkshake, layered with pink berries. It's like eating a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a waffle cone. Or waffle bowl, if you're me and prefer bowls but hate washing them.

Over the wear, the grass note becomes more prominent, first giving it a clean dimension, before coming out and being pure grass. It helps temper the scent and keep it from being sickly sweet. It remains a vanilla-grass scent, with the cherry giving it a sweeter profile. The sillage is low-moderate, and it lasts about five hours on my skin. It's not terribly long-lived, but it is happy and summery and fun. I really, really, really like it. 

I've been wearing New Radio on lazy summer weekends, while reading on the porch with a beer or hiding from the heat next to my beloved fan. It's lovely. 

And speaking of New Radio, I've been hoarding the remainder of my sample to use in a bath...

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