Monday, 22 August 2016

Chasing Grapefruit: Arcana Sirius

Despite my well-documented hatred of grapefruit, I keep looking for the Very Best Grapefruit Scent. Grapefruits, despite their shortcomings in taste, really do have a divine scent. They're summery in a way that doesn't feel foreign to me: a lot of scents that have tropical fruit (read: fruits not grown in Canada) are summery, but in a far away, other kind of way. Grapefruits, while not even a little bit native to Canada, don't feel as alien. The combo of sour and sweet pairs well with the things I associate with summer: lush green fields of grass and wildflowers, salty ocean air, the smoke of campfires. 

I also drank a lot of Fresca in summers past, so that could be part of it too. 

While I've found a beautiful grapefruit note (Arcana Garnet Grapefruit), I've yet to find the perfect grapefruit scent. I've tried several and liked several (NAVA Pink Grapefruit Flamingo, Possets Dance With Me come to mind the most) but there hasn't been one that I felt, over longer periods of testing, that really spoke to me. I wanted bright, and sparkling, and really, truly summery. 

Enter Arcana Sirius. The Flowers and Stars collection debuted in the late spring, and I went in on a half bottle with a friend (look at the adorable 3ml rollerball she used!). It was the scent that drew me the most, because grapefruit, and also because I'm getting picky as hell. A good thing. It's described as "The brilliant. Bright white grapefruit, golden amber, linden
flowers, tart red currant, cassis, and pomegranate." This is basically a list of a bunch of things that I tend to look for in a scent, so I was sold. Red berries, grapefruit and linden? Sign me up, please.

In the bottle, it's very tangy, lots of grapefruit and currant and cassis. I get a whiff of something green at the edges that gives it a freshness. On my skin, it's sour fresh grapefruit and a mix of red fruit. I get a lot of pomegranate here, adding some sweetness to the scent. Grapefruit remains the most dominant note. It's so pretty, very tart and bright. It makes me think of a bright, sunny yellow. It fades to a pomegranate and currant scent, with the grapefruit still lingering about, though not as strong. It lasts about seven hours on my skin, and has moderate sillage. As the grapefruit fades, it hugs closer to my skin. I'm so pleased with this scent. The grapefruit has such tenacity. It's fantastic.

I've worn Sirius a lot lately - yesterday it accompanied me to the air show, where I got a slightly blotchy sunburn on my upper arms where I missed putting on sunscreen and got to see the Snowbirds. It was pretty cool, even though it was hot and gross out. 


I've been less consistent in my posting as of late: I'm back on the job market, as I approach the end of my contract (early December is the end date) and so that will be absorbing most of my time outside of work. I'm also about to take on a higher workload, since my technician is moving on to a new position and I'll be taking on the mantle of Solo Librarian. Ah, the unchecked power! So I don't expect this to get any better this fall, and I'm not making any promises. 

I've also been experimenting with adding some vegan dishes to my weekly menu, since I tend to suck at meal planning and need direction so that I don't eat nothing but perogies and Kraft Dinner. So I bought a vegan cookbook and am slowly exploring the recipes, though as I suspected, some of the things that pop up in vegan dishes are ruinous in price. And I keep de-veganizing things with cheese. But baby steps to healthier choices, you know, even if a wholly plant-based is not on my horizon. 

And finally, with my trip to Belgium less than two weeks out, stay tuned for some agonizing about what beauty products to bring in the form of a post!


  1. Soooo, not knowing anything about your workplace structure -- no vacancy with the technician moving on? I mean, if you're going to have the run of the place, it sounds like they could extend your contract or make you permanent. No?

    1. I've already made my interest in staying with the health authority known, not necessarily here, though. :)

      Let's see if I can explain this quickly: so we're four libraries (five technically, but one is a sub-library of one of the four main), I work at the smallest of the four main ones. Our regional manager is about an hour and a half away from me. Each library is staffed with a librarian, and a number of techs, usually one or two. My tech is a 0.5 FTE, and her position was temporary, with her contract having ended in May. The original tech (because my library has only been open for 29 years, so my tech is the second one) retired in 2014, and when they got around to filling the position, they were only given permission for a temp.

      Fast forward to now. The tech position isn't going to be filled until after we finish a program review. As for my position, theoretically the librarian who is on mat leave is coming back in December. I'm overqualified and cost more than a tech, so if they do keep me, it would have to be justified in a different way.

      So right now...I don't know what's going to happen, other than I will definitely be serving out my contract as a dreaded solo librarian. Which...I did not love last summer, but I like this position a lot more and I'm more comfortable with my work now. We do share a lot of work cross-area and I should be able to send some things out to try and bring my workload to a more manageable level.

    2. I'll add to that my tech stayed longer than her contract because we were able to pull a few strings, but she had no guarantee.


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