Thursday, 1 September 2016

No-Buy Update: August (and future plans)

I'm writing this a little bit earlier than planned (end date of my no-buy was originally September 3rd), since I ended up ending my no-buy a little early, in order to pick up some things that I wanted to bring on my trip (we leave Saturday night. I'm both excited and terribly nervous, since I'll be meeting my partner's host family from when he lived in Belgium) and had planned on buying post-no-buy anyway. 

What did this no-buy teach me? It did give me the break I needed to reboot beauty buying habits. It gave me time to really think about what I want to do, consumption-wise, and it boosted my desire to reduce my pile of stuff in general. Although that may have something to do with the fact that I've been thinking about job hunting and where I might end up and getting more Rubbermaid bins and purging my closet and oh my God I hate moving. Ahem. I probably have fewer material possession than a lot of people my age, mainly because I'm still bouncing from place to place, whereas most people I know have started to settle down and throw out all of their student items. But I look around and feel total dread at packing the amount of stuff that I own. Particularly when it's a bunch of crappy stuff that I don't really like. I digress a little, but mostly this no-buy helped me redirect my window shopping energy to things I actually need. Need being somewhat of a relative term, but things like a portable phone charger arguably improves my life more than a new lipstick.

So things that I bought at the end of my no-buy:
  • Arcana 5ml perfume in Apples Crave Porches
  • Arcana 5ml perfume in This is Not Canada
  • Darling Clandestine 10ml perfume in Goldenscale (still to arrive)
  • Bite Multistick in Brioche
  • CoverFX Enhance Click Highlighter in Bubbly
  • Lush solid shampoo in Honey, I Washed the Kids
  • Lush solid conditioner in Big
Fall releases have also started to come out, and while I'm interested in Darling Clandestine's most recent release, I'm waiting for reviews and till when I get home from Belgium. I do plan on going on a very low-buy for the remainder of the year. It's fortunate for me that I live in batshit nowhere, so most of my beauty shopping is online. Hell, most of my shopping is done online - Amazon Prime has been so worth it this year. And with an impending move to...somewhere and job hunting on my horizon, any purchases I make are now heavily weighed with "Do I want to move this in a few months?" The answer is usually no. 

L-R: Bite Brioche, CoverFX Bubbly

But there are still a couple of things on my wishlist that I'm going to allow myself to buy: Bite Squid Ink (yes, I promise to stop talking about how much I want this lipstick in the near future by getting this lipstick), two Darling Clandestine perfumes, Hotel Clandestine and Dulcinea (provided they're still around when I get back from Belgium) and a wild card, just in case Arcana releases a maple perfume or something. So that's three planned purchases for the remainder of the year. I don't think I need the restrictions any more, but I'm going to put them up just in case. 

Not consuming has had step away from the beauty world somewhat, but it's also been fun to enjoy my products and not be waiting on anything in the mail. 

But now for the real challenge: packing for Belgium. Which I am madly doing, right now.


  1. Hey, that's exactly the shampoo/conditioner combo I'm using right now! And "yes, I promise to stop talking about how much I want this lipstick in the near future by getting this lipstick" is a sentiment I know very well...

    Have a great time in Belgium! Are you going to the Flemish or Walloon part?

    1. We're headed to Wallonia, but I expect we'll be all over. My partner is very keen for me to absorb as much of Belgium as I can. I'm most excited for the food. It was really unbearable listening to him describe all the good food he was eating while he was there while I was eating meal hall food in residence.

      I'm loving the Lush bars! My hair looks amazing right now.

  2. Don't tell me how good Apples Crave Porches is - I want the entire porch season release and my disposable income is at an all-time low. There are a number of new releases I'm eyeing this fall, or maybe I should more accurately say, new olds. Basically, the one thing Urban Decay could do to interest me again is bring back Pallor, and they've gone and done it.

    Have an excellent trip!!

  3. I haven't purchased anything beauty related in months either, other than soap and essentials. Last was the Charlotte Olympia x MAC Retro Rogue lipstick. The Canadian dollar being low and the postal strike threats made me cut back. I'm currently purchasing only ethically made clothing items for the next six months.

    Have a good trip and all the best for packing!


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