Sunday, 2 October 2016

FoTD: Autmnal Tones (and an eyeshadow review)

Leaves have started changing colours here in the Maritimes, and this means a few things: I have stuffed all of my sandals in storage and bought my annual new pair of boots (this year, black, since I already have brown. And since I started buying boots that are more than $20, I might be able to cancel this expense next year. Stay tuned), I've started drinking hot tea again after a summer hiatus, I've started wearing darker colours and heavier fabrics, and I felt the strong urge to actually wear eyeshadow this week. It's a seasonal thing - I temporarily forget how lazy I am when the seasons change and makeup changes and suddenly I am all about crafting new eye looks. 

Northern New Brunswick may be incredibly dull, but it is beautiful.

I was also inspired by my hike yesterday. Here in the city (and I say city loosely, because while it's legally a city, my current place of residence is not a city by any other measure), we have a really great trail system, and since last year, I've been planning to conquer the longest one, from the town I live in to the village upriver (all part of the city but they're all still pretty separate). It's 10km one way, and I've been waiting for a nice day to go out and devote the time. Yesterday was that day: sunny, but not hot, a slight breeze, and the leaves have started to change so the beauty of the hike was unparalleled. 


Fall in the Maritimes is probably the only tolerable season, so call me a basic bitch if you want, but I'm not alone in thinking that it's the best time of year. There's a whole autumn tourism industry here. Boatloads and busloads and carloads of people come here to look at our leaves. Cape Breton has a whole damn festival based around it.

With a splash of colour.

Anyway. While I did get rid of most of my loose shadows (and they were the bulk of my collection) a few weeks ago, I still have some appropriate eyeshadows, warm and bright and simply autumnal. I kept a palette of my pressed indies, and in particular, was drawn to some that my friend Rae sent me in an exchange in January. I've worn them a few times, usually in some late night playing around, and decided to wear them out. I had put some of the Tortall collection from Baroque Cosmetics on my exchange wishlist, and Rae picked out four pressed shades: Lioness, Shang Warrior, Court of the Rogue, and Great Mother. 

I used Shang Warrior on the inside corner of the lid, Court of the Rogue in the middle part of the lid, and Great Mother on the outside corner. I also used Shiro I Tried in the crease, and Renaissance Gold from my Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette on the browbone. All done over NARS Smudgeproof primer.

Also featuring Kat Von D's Tattoo liquid liner in Mad Max Brown, which I got as a GWP and have been liking quite a lot, and Revlon's Matte Balm in Fierce. Mascara is Kiko Milano Super Colour Mascara in 04 Brown.

Indie pressed shadows can be somewhat of a mixed bag. My Shiro ones are quite firm, while my Performance Colors (RIP - the danger of indies. You like something and they vanish) ones are fairly soft and kick up a lot of powder. These Baroque ones are really nice. They're of a medium firmness - you don't have to work hard to get some pigment on the brush, but they don't kick up a lot of powder. 

My whole indie palette! First row: Shiro The Truth, Shiro Doge, Shiro I tried, Shiro Climbing Chaos, Baroque Great Mother. Second row: Shiro Moon Prism Power, Shiro Master of Whispers, Shiro Farewell, Whereever You Fare, Shiro More Sugar, Baroque Court of the Rogue. Third row: Performance Colors Antique Rose, Performance Colors Light Peach, Performance Colors Flying Monkey, Baroque Lioness, Baroque Shang Warrior.

Closer view of the relevant colours. Top row: Great Mother, Court of the Rogue, Shang Warrior. Lioness is the third in the second row.

L-R: Lioness, Shang Warrior, Court of the Rogue, Great Mother

They definitely need a primer, or they look muddy. You can see that at the bottom of my swatches, which were done over NARS Smudgeproof primer. They do wear nicely on the eye over primer, though. I don't really have issues with fading or creasing, generally speaking, so I'm actually not the best person to review eyeshadows. 

The only shadow I find to be somewhat disappointing is Great Mother. I've come to realize that blackened shades like that are really hard to do well, mainstream and indie, because they tend to end up looking like a muddy black if the user isn't careful. It's too finicky for me most of the time. I didn't use Lioness in this look, but it's my very favourite kind of soft purple, and at some point, once I have my next burst of energy to devote to applying eyeshadow, I will do a look with it.

Until then, I'm going to bask in the joy of fall. And the last few weeks of reading on the beach.


  1. I was like "OMG WHAT IS THAT BEAUTIFUL BURNT ORANGE" and then realized it was the very lipstick I'm wearing as I write this. Fierce looks so much more orange on you! It's really beautiful with Shang Warrior.

    Fall is pretty much the only tolerable season here too, though even as the days get cooler they stay insanely humid. I can't stand being coated in a film of moisture every time I step outside. I need to move to LA or something.

    1. Fierce does read quite orange on me! Which is weird, since most oranges read red on's been a while since I studied colour theory and never spent that much time figuring out what I was. Shang Warrior is such a stunning colour, all coppery orange and the perfect shimmer. I should make an effort to use it more often.

      Humidity here is gone now that it's below freezing overnight. Sigh.

  2. Gorgeous pictures! I have dreams of visiting your side of the coast during late spring though. We're a few weeks behind you guys when it comes to changing foliage, but dead leaves are dead leaves, man.

    1. As long as by late spring, you mean the absolute last week of spring! Trust me.

    2. Okay, amending that to early/mid-summer, haha.


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