Sunday, 20 November 2016

Autumn Perfume Purchases: Arcana Witches Draw Down the Moon, Ghosting, and Call the Embassy

It's been a really mild fall. which is kind of startling. It's frosty in the morning, but can still be up to double-digit temperatures in the afternoon. Winter seems to be coming later and later - it feel very unusual to not have any snow yet, as we march steadily on to December. And while most of me is ready for winter, the rational part knows that I will be whining come February, so I'm trying to make the most of the remainder of fall.

In my quest to be more mindful about the perfumes I added to my collection, I decided to only purchase from one fall release. To be fair, I've been buying indie perfume for a while now, so I've tried most of what intrigues me from my favourite brands that have set seasonal collections. Some of my other favourite brands do new things each fall, but I'm not a pumpkin person...and to be honest, while my favourite season is fall, the pumpkin-hevay season is a factor, but so is the fact that I'm not a huge fan of the spiced scents that come out this time of year and I prefer lighter scents as a general rule. 

But of course, since Arcana is my favourite perfumerie, they would have a few scents in the fall lineup that I very much was drawn to: Ghosting and Witches Draw Down the Moon. Probably because they aren't very typical autumn scents. Witches Draw Down the Moon is a maple-vanilla cent, and Ghosting is a white floral and coconut fizz. 

Ghosting is my favourite scent of the three, and possibly even my favourite scent of 2016 (did I say that about another scent? If I did, scratch it, Ghosting is my top 2016 choice). The official description is "Here today and gone tomorrow. The refined, elegant essence of chilled champagne, sparkling mineral water, white coconut, and soft, creamy gardenia petals." In the bottle, it is mostly champagne, with a hint of something sweet and floral. Once on my skin, there's burst of fizzy champagne, and then the coconut starts to take centre stage. It's a bubbly coconut scent for the most part, though as it dries down, the gardenia starts to come out. The champagne (and probably mineral water, though I don't really think sparkling mineral water has a scent. It does taste like dirt, though...anyway, I think it's just adding another layer of bubbles, maybe tempering the sweetness that comes from the other notes) disappears first, a few hours into wear. There's still a lingering bite of fizz in the background, but it's a coconut and gardenia scent, very feminine and delicate. 

As far as sillage and longevity go, this isn't a powerhouse - it hugs pretty close to my skin and lasts about six hours on my skin. A nice thing about Ghosting is that the bottle has a new type of label, more smudgeproof and waterproof than the paper labels. Witches Draw Down the Moon has the paper label, so I expect that the other label is an experiment. 

Witches Draw Down the Moon is described as "Infused vanilla oleoresin with sweet maple creme, maple sugar, dry Madagascan vanilla, and moon-white marshmallow." It's a lovely maple vanilla, and surprisingly less gourmand than might be expected from the notes. It is still fairly sweet, but has a deeper, richer vanilla in it. The marshmallow gives the vanilla a light, airy edge. It's delicious and fulfills my need for maple scents. It's got more tenacity than Ghosting, with decent sillage - you could definitely catch whiffs of it sitting next to me - and it lasts about nine hours on my skin.

And bonus scent: Call the Embassy was a gift with purchase when the Wanderlust collection came out (This is Not Canada and This is Not Mexico). Originally, I missed it, but when a friend was looking to let hers go, I snapped it up. It's a 3.7ml (one dram) bottle, and I kind of wish that drams were a more readily available size, as opposed to the 5ml bottles that really are more like 7ml. 

Call the Embassy is weird, in a good way. It's a combination of scents that comes together on me in a bizarre way that smells really good, but also something that I never would have guessed. The official description is "Piloncillo oscuro, banana, cajeta, white almond, jammy Canadian fir absolute, and a drizzle of Washington rain." The absolute best way that I could describe this on me is that it's like eating banana bread on a hike in the woods, shortly after it's rained. It's also got great sillage and staying power, lasting ten hours on my skin. 

Call the Embassy isn't available anymore, but Ghosting and Witches Draw Down the Moon are still available.

What scents were you drawn to this fall? 

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