Sunday, 4 December 2016

The Problem with Kiko Milano (hint: availability)

I mentioned in my post on my trip to Belgium that I had made it to a Kiko Milano store on an overnight trip to the Netherlands. And I had bought a few things there - a mascara, a tinted lip balm, and a sheer lipstick. I managed to swatch a number of things while I was in the store, which was probably a bad idea since I only got two bites of that waffle and I'm still mad about it, and foolishly imagined a time when I'd see another Kiko store and could maybe pick up some other things, because I liked the quality and the price point and the array of things that the brand has.

Of course, this never happened, and once I got home, I figured out that Kiko is impossible to get in Canada. Which sucks, because I really do like the things I have. It also makes me cranky because then it's yet another brand I will have to jump through weird hoops and borrowing other people's mailboxes and all kinds of insanity just to get some products. Which is obviously not worth it, since there are plenty of other brands out there that will ship to me and are far easier to get. But it's hard not to be torn when you do like something. 

I'm not going to review the mascara, because I have such a low bar for mascaras and few needs. My lashes are one of my better features - long, curled, and really only need a bit of a tint. Thanks, parents! Could have done without the eye disease, though!

Kiss Balm in 06 Blackberry, Glossy Dream Sheer Lipstick in 205 Wine

I picked up a Kiss Balm in 06 Blackberry and a Glossy Dream Sheer Lipstick (this name is too long) in 205 Wine. 

The Kiss Balm is a soft, tinted lip balm that smells like vanilla cupcakes. The 06 Blackberry colour is a nice sheer pinky-purple. The name is kind inaccurate - I wouldn't consider it to look like the colour you'd get from a blackberry. It's too light. But it is a pretty colour in its own right. The tint does tend to wear off pretIty quickly, maybe a couple of wear is the most I can get out of it while drinking water. It defintely doesn't make it through a meal. It is a balm, though, and primarily marketed that way (it was over with skincare), so I'm not fussed about it. 

One swipe of Blackberry

It's decently moisturizing and has SPF15, without tasting like anything at all. This is where I admit that I'm bad and don't ever use SPF on my lips, mostly because balms with SPF usually taste like you're eating a bucket of sunscreen, and I hate that. The packaging is nice enough. It hasn't picked up any scratches, and while it is light, it's still solid. The one issue I do have is that it's such a soft formula that I'm getting through it super quickly, without wearing it all that often. Ehhh. 

The Glossy Dream Sheer Lipstick has a great package. You push a button on the top of the case, and the lipstick pops out. Gimmicky, but the case is solid and weighty and doesn't feel like it's going to shatter if you spend too much time clicking the button. Which I may be guilty of doing.

One swipe of Wine

205 Wine is a pinky red. It is sheer, similar to a sheer Colourpop Lippie Stix (I just realized how annoying it is that they're called Stix to refer to a singular tube). It's neither moisturizing nor drying. It can be built up a little bit, but there is one major drawback: there is multicoloured glitter in this. It didn't show up in the tester, so I was somewhat taken aback when I opened up my new tube and saw the light bounce off the glitter. It's not noticeable in a couple of layers, but more than that and it starts to get a little gritty. I haven't noticed the shimmer clinging too much, and whatever does as it fades comes off easily. It fades pretty evenly as well.

And bonus picture showing off the beauty of Fyrinnae pressed eyeshadow in Serendipity. It's the only shadow I'm wearing, with a bit of Sleek cream highlighter in Royal Gold in the corner. Liner is Kat Von D Tattoo liner in Mad Max Brown. Mascara is Maybelline The Falsies Push-Up Drama in Blackest Black.

I am pretty bummed about these perfectly good products. And it leads to me to another depressing train of thought: should I even bother to pick up things I can't get at home? Am I just setting myself up for disappointment? I remember my devotion to Duo Penotti Chocolate Hazelnut and Vanilla, and how sad I was once I finished my jar in 2008. Of course, it now is in Canada and we can all be happy. But I don't count on that for most things. It's makeup, not something actually crucial to my life, but I'd rather not go looking for future disappointment. I don't know. I will enjoy these while I have them, at least. And maybe I'll be near another Kiko Milano store sometime in the future. My partner does want to move to the Netherlands...


  1. They've really exploded in popularity in English-speaking countries (including the US) recently, so hopefully they'll open up international shipping to Canada soon! I went into the Kiko store in London in 2014 but I didn't actually end up buying anything. I totally miss a lot of UK/European brands, though. It sucks to get a taste of something new that you can't get when you're back at home.

    The lipsticks look really nice! That Blackberry shade is very pretty.

    1. Blackberry is super pretty. I was a little afraid of it melting (irrationally, since it made it through a super hot day in the car in Maastricht) but I think it'll be my purse balm for the winter.

      Crossing my fingers that they'll start shipping here soon.


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