Saturday, 7 January 2017

Collection Inventory: Base Products, 2017

I started in 2016 with my lipsticks and thought about slapping 2016 on this post too, but it didn't really feel right. Since it's 2017. Duh.

All of my base products together. 

Base products don't excite me. I have them, I use them, I seek out new ones periodically but not very often, and I tend to stick with a very small group of staples. This is not a category in which I will ever overbuy because foundation and concealer don't thrill me. Nor do setting powders. Or primers. I did do something very drastic in the latter part of 2016 and switched to a new concealer AND foundation. I know, I know. Living on the edge. But to be perfectly fair, it is living on the edge because I bought these two without swatching them. They match me really well, better than my old products which were pretty decent (Missha Perfect Cover M BB Cream in #13 Milky Beige and NARS Concealer stick in Chantilly). My true talent in life is the ability to ascertain the right matches for me by looking at little colour squares and reading descriptions on Sephora. 


MUFE Water Blend foundation in R210, Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer in SX01

  • Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer in SX01: I use this as my concealer. It's insanely pigmented, so you only need the tiniest bit to buff out where needed. I find it to blend out well with my Zoeva 142 Concealer and Buffer brush. It can be pretty easy to overdo it, so I try to only touch my brush to the cream in the pot and then use that. Because of the amount in the post (17g), I'm half worried that it will go bad before I can use it all, but since this is my first pot, I'm playing it by ear. It's a great match for me. Pricey up front ($58CAD), but since I won't be replacing it as often as I did my NARS concelaer (3 times a year at $31 a pop - yikes), I'm saving money in the long run. I've been using this since late September and am pretty happy with it.
  • Make Up For Ever Water Blend Foundation in R210: I got this in November from the sale and have since switched to it as my one and only foundation, despite my misgivings about the price. Water Blend is just so light and comfortable with a great finish. I no longer notice the weird scent, and as it turns out, the Missha was sort of low-key irritating my skin this whole time. Since I've switched to Water Blend, my skin is clearer and smoother. Go figure. 
Top to bottom: SX01, R210


Top: Pumpkin & Poppy Inner Glow Powder in Aphrodite, Fyrinnae finishing powder in Sunkissed, Fyrinnae Fluff 
Bottom: Fyrinnae Powder Primer, Shiro Fatality Finishing Powder
  • Fyrinnae Powder Primer: finely milled, reduces shine, and extends the longevity of my foundation/BB cream. It's decent. It also keeps super dewy products (Missha Perfect Cover) from being full-on reflective. I've been using it for years at this point, and have no desire to look for anything else.
  • Fyrinnae finishing powder in Sunkissed: Fyrinnae's powders have such nice textures. This is a subtly glowy finishing powder, making you look really healthy. I don't really use it, though, for two reasons: it doesn't keep oil at bay all day, and I prefer a matter finish. So I end up layering it over a matter powder to get what I want. Which is more than I want to do on a daily basis. I really should make more effort to use this, though.
  • Fyrinnae Fluff powder: this is a multi-purpose powder. I really like it for a finishing powder - it has such a nice, natural finish, and keeps oil at bay decently.
  • Shiro Fatality finishing powder: my favourite finishing powder. Keeps me matte for at least 12 hours, and has been a staple for me for five years now (which is probably my longest term makeup relationship). It's not as finely milled as the Fyrinnae, so it can feel gritty if you slip and use more than the lightest dusting.
  • Pumpkin & Poppy Inner Glow Powder in Aphrodite: this suffers from the same problem as Sunkissed, in addition to a sifter that I don't like for all over face products. I should pry it out and see if that helps me use it more. This is supposed to be a dupe for one of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders - I think Diffused Light. I have no idea if it is, since I've never compared them, but it does give a nice subtle luminosity to the skin.
Top: Pumpkin & Poppy Inner Glow Powder in Aphrodite, Fyrinnae finishing powder in Sunkissed, Fyrinnae Fluff 
Bottom: Fyrinnae Powder Primer, Shiro Fatality Finishing Powder

Of these products, I feel no need to work on panning them, since most of them will be used up organically. I do need to work on using Aphrodite and Sunkissed more often, especially since I'm less oily than I used to be and don't have to focus as much on mattifying my skin. But overall, this is a category I'm pretty happy with and don't go changing all that much or have a problem with impulse buying. It's well used and replaced regularly. It's nice to have that feeling, and I hope, over this year, to extend it to all of my makeup.

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