Saturday, 14 January 2017

Mini Lipsticks

I had somewhat of a jackpot year when it comes to getting to try a variety of lipsticks via sample codes and point perks at Sephora in 2016. Like everyone else who chose the Marc Jacobs birthday gift, I got Kiss Kiss Bang, but I also picked up a good variety of deluxe sample sized lipsticks (and one gloss) in a variety of shades. In addition to being really cute, mini lipsticks are a good way to try formulas and shades you might not otherwise get a chance to (hi from rural New Brunswick. It's cold and my closest grocery store doesn't carry tater tots or Scotsburn lemonade and I have a lot of thoughts about that) or you might skip over. Which, when you have a lot of lipsticks like me, you can certainly stand to skip over some, but it's nice all the same to get a mini one to try out. Even if you exchange 100 points for them. 

(I try not to get all precious about the Sephora reward system because Sephora owes me nothing but the products I pay for AND I did a focus group for Sephora Canada in the fall and I got a zillion points in exchange for me telling the consultancy firm to please chill with the fucking emojis because this was a focus group, not Instagram. But sometimes the incredibly low effort that Sephora Canada puts into pretending that they have a rewards program blows my mind. It's pretty sad that I'm excited about a tiny lipstick for 100 points which is theoretically the reward for $100, for those who don't mouth off in focus groups. On the upside, at least one of these came from a code rather than spending my points.)

Look at them. They're so precious. 

L-R: MUFE Sweet Pink, Marc Jacobs Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, MUFE C211, Bite Gazpazcho, Bite Liquorice

Bite Gazpacho

This is a "true blue-red." I've talked about my resistance to true reds and how I've overcome it. It's nice and luminous, but it's really, really close to Bite Sour Cherry, which I also have and like a bit more. It does wear really nicely and isn't patchy at all, applies smoothly and is generally comfortable. If you're looking for a red, this would be a nice candidate.

Bite Liquorice

Oh God, Liquorice. I had hopes for it. It swatched beautifully and looked fine when I first swiped it on in admittedly awful yellow light because winter means no daylight. Have I mentioned I literally never see daylight Monday to Friday? A million times already? Well, it needed to be said again. But in daylight, putting some effort into applying it properly and nope. Just nope. It's patchy, it will not adhere to my inner lip for more than thirty seconds, and it just looks bad because it will not be even. I like the idea of this beautiful oxblood, but it is not even a little bit good in execution. 

Marc Jacobs Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

I already talked about this one, so I don't have a ton to add. This pulls more of a bright pink on me than I expected, the formula is comfortable, but it's nothing especially exciting. I will continue to wear it but probably won't seek out MJ lipsticks or anything. 

Make Up For Ever C211 Rosewood

This is my favourite lipstick find, possibly ever. This was in one of those sampler bags that Sephora stuffs with deluxe sizes and samples, and I picked the sampler bag that contained this one because it also had a mini of CoverFX Custom Enhancer Drops in Moonlight. But it turns out that C211 is my favourite thing out of this bag. It's such an unusual colour, like a dark mauve, almost vampy. I love it. Despite the fact that it smells like...well, lipstick ingredients. Come on, MUFE. Toss in a little vanilla. Some of us find the lack of scent to cover up the lipsticky smell makes it taste more strongly that it should (read: I can taste it at all). Buttttt the formula is so comfortable and long lasting, it fades evenly, and I LOVE this colour. I don't have anything like it. When (this should probably be if) I finish it, I'm getting a full size. It's not a perfect lipstick, but it makes me really happy and I don't spend several minutes debating if I should be wearing it to work, an exercise I often perform every morning and then wear the lipstick in question anyway.

Make Up For Ever 202 Sweet Pink

I like the Plexi Gloss formula - really smooth, highly moisturizing, and minimally sticky. Sweet Pink is kind of a weird choice for this colour, though. It reads more orangey in the tube? And it's a nude gloss on. I'm trying to move away from gloss since I really don't wear them enough to use them up before they go bad, but this is a really great size to try one out and conceivably use it up. Gloss is weird, though. I'm over my long ago aversion of it, but it's still not my favourite type of lip product. Do I really need more than one gloss? Probably not. 

Now, all that said, I think I'm going to get rid of both Bite lipsticks and probably the gloss, even though I didn't shit all over them, except for you know, Liquorice. They are all very nice. But I've learned something in getting these and trying them out: I got them because they were there, not because I really wanted to try Gazpacho or Liquorice or Sweet Pink (or even C211 or Kiss Kiss Bang). That's not what I want to do. I have so much stuff that I don't need to be seeking out little bonus lipsticks of shades I don't even really want all that much. I said I was going to try to pan Liquorice since it was similar to others I have, but being honest with myself: even its wear issues aside, which I hadn't fully explored when I said I was going to pan it, I have other lipsticks in the same family that are more wearable and I like more. So why force myself?  I'm going to get rid of it and instead work on learning the lesson here: just because it's free doesn't mean that you need it or want it.

C211, though. You're a winner.


  1. I adore those mini point perk lipsticks as well! Pretty much only save up my points for them. So sad i missed out on the mufe one i thought it would be too similar to other shades i own but it looks lovely on you:)

    1. Thank you!

      I like them too, but definitely have to be more judicious about which ones I pick up.

  2. I recently came to the same conclusion about mini lipsticks, though I certainly haven't been as lucky in accumulating them: in all my visits to Sephora, I've been offered a mini lip product as a 100-point perk just once. That MUFE lipstick is beautiful on you! "Dark mauve" is totally a thing.

    There are at least five brands I can think of that deserve to receive the message "chill with the fucking emojis."

    1. I was kind of horrified that a consulting firm and Sephora thought that emojis were appropriate. There were so many!

      I am starting to think that emojis are just a thing I don't get and I ought to go find my cane or something.

  3. I know that Sephora doesn't owe us anything and that the rewards programme is an extra, but when I can buy a lot of the same products and get Optimum points which are actually useful... yeah, I don't shop at Sephora much. (I mean, I've redeemed for like 10 shitty Sephora samples vs. literally $1000 of makeup from Shoppers/Murale in the last year.) Somehow, though, I seem to always spend my Sephora points and still have a balance of 500 at all times. I rarely care for the samples I get, though!

    I really like lipstick minis for two reasons: they're easier to apply because of the tiny bullet size, and they're quick to use up. But yeah, usually you don't really have much choice with them, and end up with a lot of random ones that you wouldn't necessarily have acquired otherwise! I do like the MJ birthday mini, but not enough to actually buy the full size. C211 is gorgeous on you, though! That's definitely a good find.

    1. I no longer live as close to Shoppers as I have in literally every other place I've lived - I was always super close to one. Now they're all on the other side of the river and my points accumulation has suffered greatly!

      C211 is amazing. And I didn't spend any points on it, so I think the lesson still stands. Mini lipsticks are great overall, I just need to be a little more discerning.


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