Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Solstice Scents Winter

I kind of tossed my no-buy out the window before Christmas - note to self: make actual rules for all no-buy stints going forward otherwise you're setting yourself up for failure. Also trying to cheat your beauty budget for 2017 is low and you know better - and part of that involved making an order for a couple of Solstice Scents perfumes and a couple of whipped soaps. I stopped buying whipped soaps for a while, but I was feeling festive and my skin has definitely changed since I moved. My skin is much drier than it was when I lived in Nova Scotia, and I'm finding my old products to be less effective than they once were. Solstice Scents has a moisturizing, creamy whipped soap, very light and smooth and I've really enjoyed it in the past, so I decided to grab a couple in nice, holiday scents. I'm extending the Christmas experience every time I shower, basically. I also grabbed a couple of perfumes, Scrying Smoke and Lemon Ginger Creams.

Solstice Scents is one of my favourite indies for customer service, speedy TAT, and cohesive aesthetic, even though the witchy/apothecary aesthetic isn't really my bag (and a lot of indies are all about witchy/spooky/apothecary/aged parchment, which is not me and I find it interesting that I've been into indies so long despite that). I ordered this when their winter release dropped on December 9th, it was shipped December 11th, and it arrived at my apartment in time for Christmas, on December 22nd. This makes me very happy, especially since I've really pulled back in ordering directly from American indies. The falling Canadian dollar + rising cost of shipping means that I've restricted myself to making my purchases from stockists that charge in dollars much kinder to my wallet, like Femme Fatale and Pretty Indulgent, both of which actually stock Solstice Scents.

The two whipped soaps I got are scents that are exclusive to whipped soap, so they're simpler than most of Solstice Scents' offerings. Chocolate Peppermint Bark is described as "Milk Chocolate, Cool Peppermint, Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate." It's a classic mint chocolate scent. I love mint chocolate and my partner hates it, but he doesn't live here right now, so I've been using all the mint chocolate scented things while I can. And possibly eating them too because yum, mint chocolate. 

The other one I got is Spiced Cranberry & Spruce. It's described as "Sugared Cranberries & Spruce Essential Oil." It kind of smells like cough syrup in the tub, which is not appealing. And it smells a bit like cough syrup until I lather it up, when the spruce comes out and makes it a nice festive scent. Yes, I know it's January. It smells like a Christmas tree and cranberry sauce simmering on the stove. 

I like the whipped soaps, but Solstice Scents has really shifted its focus over the last few years, and they've become a release item, and tend not to be around for all that long. I fully expect them to quietly disappear in the next little while. So nice to have, don't make them a staple. Their perfumes are where it's at.

I picked up Lemon Ginger Creams, which I previously had, but destashed a while ago and then ended up regretting it, because I do like it. And this is why I now keep things around for a few months in purgatory. It's described as " Gingersnap Sandwich Cookies Filled With Vanilla-Lemon Cream," and smells exactly as I remember it, sunny bright lemon with gingersnaps, before it smooths out to a light lemon cream with lots of vanilla and the same gingersnaps as before. It's delicious and cozy and I'm not really sure why I got rid of it before. Maybe I had lots of gingerbread scents then? The bottle was too big? This one is probably the most likely, since I had one of the old 10ml bottles. 5ml bottles is much easier to handle. 

Scrying Smoke was released in the fall, I believe, and it immediately caught my eye. My love of Arcana Holy Terror has unleashed some kind of crazed love for all incense and smouldering scents. Scrying Smoke is described as "Natural and Meditative Melting Frankincense Resin, Frankincense Smoke, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Cedar, Petigrain, Vetiver, Labdanum & much more." It's lighter than I expected, and a little bit sweet. Frankincense is the most dominant note in this one. It's relaxing and has a hint of deeper wood in it, but never becomes a heavy, smouldering scent. I bought it and then worried that I had purchased something too close to Holy Terror, but while it's in the same family, it's like a lighter, breezier version. Scrying Smoke is probably the warm weather version for me. 

It's got great lasting power, staying on my skin for ten hours, and the sillage is really nice, staying close, but can still be smelled by someone close to you. It's not overpowering or heavy. So nice.

I find Solstice Scents really excels at cozy winter scents, and I've been loving them for that. And for the ability to rub things that smell like Christmas trees all over myself, because I grinched it up most of December and now regret it.

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