Thursday, 9 February 2017

Low Buy Report: January 2017

I gave myself a brief blog/Instagram hiatus recently while work has been very stressful (department renovations are going on and last week was moving/prepping) and I've been trying to recharge from the insanity that was January. January is always a hard month, and this one has been a doozy. I guess I can't say I'm surprised by the actions taken by the new American president. Angry and upset, absolutely. But he did say he was going to do this, so it doesn't shock me. 

Closer to home, New Brunswick was slammed by an ice storm the last week of January. I live in the northeastern part of NB, which was one of the hardest hit. At the height of the storm, over 130 000 NB Power customers were without power, which represents a third of the households in New Brunswick.I didn't go to work that Wednesday because of the violence of the weather, and I was one of the lucky ones, since I only went 19 hours without power (and I work in a building with backup generators, so when I did return to work, I knew I'd be fine there). Many people waited almost two weeks to have their power turned back on, due to the heavy ice and extreme damage to power lines. Understandably, I've been somewhat more engrossed by the weather here, which is so classically Canadian it hurts.

But I survived, and so did all of my possessions and food, except for my alarm clock. It was RadioShack branded though, and RadioShack pulled out of Canada in 2004, so it was probably coming up on its last legs anyway.

Onto the low-buy!

The good: I've been much more mindful of what I want to buy. I've been making wishlists and sitting on them, editing them carefully. 

The bad: I've gone through more of my budget than I intended, which means I have to a) get around to selling some of the things that have been languishing in my purgatory drawer, b) be mindful of my monthly allotment (while I said I was doing $300 for the year, which allows for some flexibility in purchases, I should be spending, on average, $25 a month), and c) I'm going to have to give myself some no-buy months in order to keep on track. 

And a point that could fall on either side of the good/bad fence: I've been doing well with not stress purchasing, but I need to more vigilant about avoiding window shopping. I could be doing plenty of other things, instead of mindlessly browsing Sephora or Etsy. I had cut back on that habit, but I noticed as I started prepping for renos at work and I suddenly had a lot more to worry about and a lot of unrest, I started to online window shop more. It's an escape (and I didn't buy anything) but there are other, more productive ways to take a break. I'm also considering taking a Reddit break or at very least, stepping back from the beauty subreddits during my free time, because they can be a dangerous, tempting place.

Product prices are in CAD, with tax added as applicable (in my province, 15%). I've converted to CAD when needed. And a note on shipping: when I've purchased items with replacements, I haven't included the cost of shipping with the new item.

New Items:
  • Howl lipstick in Gingerbread ($8.63)
  • BPAL perfume oil in Miskatonic University ($27.43)
  • Life's Entropy Lip Theory liquid lipstick in Biohazard
  • Femme Fatale halfling eyeshadow in Silver Apple
  • Epically Epic solid lotion in Sprinkle (the LE, FF, and EE were all bought from Femme Fatale's website, and came to $29.49)
Total: $65.55

Total remaining in beauty budget: $234.45

(No pictures of the FF order since they haven't arrived yet.)

This is my first Howl lipstick, and I like it. Howl closed down last year, but sold their lipstick formula to HelloWaffle, and during the HelloWaffle anniversary sale, I picked up Gingerbread, a rose brown colour. It's a little warmer than I usually like, but it's pretty and the semi-matte formula is comfortable and lightly hydrating, which was surprising. I did find it a bit slippery, which was counter to its finish, so I feel like darker colours would be trickier. Full review at some other point.

BPAL Miskatonic University is described as "The scent of Irish coffee, dusty tomes and polished oakwood halls." I haven't had a chance to really try it yet, and while I am generally leery of coffee scents, I don't get a ton of coffee from it in the bottle, which is promising. 

  • HelloWaffle lip balm in Water Ice
I've been running through lip balm like crazy this winter, so I decided to grab a new one during HelloWaffle's sale, in a new scent she was offering.

  • Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey (deluxe sample size)
  • Mountain Madness Soap Co. Sugar Scrub Cubes in Huckleberry Lemon
  • Mountain Madness Soap Co. bath bomb in Night Owl
  • Mountain Madness Soap Co, body butter in White Ginger and Amber

A friend sent me the Black Honey after she complained about getting another deluxe sample of it and I said I missed having one. The Mountain Madness stuff is from winning a small giveaway. I'm excited to try them out, since they all smell divine.

Lessons from this month: stop buying shit. Kind of the point of this whole exercise, though, no? I do need to remember I have a pile of stuff to review and ideas for other posts.


  1. I've been following the storms out east on the news! It looks terrible. We've barely had any snow/ice here all winter - it actually snowed yesterday, but it was a normal (maybe 8 inches?) and most of it is gone by now. This is my first winter in Toronto in awhile and I'm surprised at how mild it is. Montreal winters are always -40, snowy, and icy, and it's been very manageable here this year. I hated winter my whole life, but it seems that all I had to do was do my undergrad in Montreal to come to appreciate Toronto winters. It seems like things are getting back to normal out there, though? Hopefully the groundhogs are right and we'll all have an early spring across the country.

    I had told myself I could probably get by with a $300 beauty budget this year, but since I've started to track my purchases I've come to realize that that's probably not going to happen, haha. I blew over $100 on a Sephora order on the second day of the year, so maybe not the most auspicious start... However, I think we can both stick to low-buys!

    1. I was so lucky yesterday, the storm missed us. I think we got 10-15cm at most. Which is totally fine with me, since we got a ton last Friday, the trees are still bent over with ice, and we're getting ready for 25cm tomorrow night. Winter is always stupidly snowy here, though.

      WE CAN DO IT. #lowbuy2017 is here to stay.


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