Wednesday, 29 March 2017

From the Archives: Solstice Scents Estate Vanilla

I'm jumping way ahead in my perfume archive here, and heading straight for one of my very favourite (and most expensive) scents, Solstice Scents Estate Vanilla. I reviewed this one in October 2015, when I had been testing a sample sprayer of it for some weeks. However, my sample came to an end after using most of it up and the bottle shattering in my hand one time (I think that the EdP sample bottles have been changed, based on the pictures on Solstice Scents' website). Some months later, the 60ml bottles were finally for international sale at The Rhinestone Housewife, and I made my order. It took approximately forever to get here, being stuck in transit, but it made it here, albeit after a hefty customs charge because the limit for importing to Canada is actually $20 and you can be nailed for anything over that. So not only was it already pricey because of the $85 pricetag, currency conversion, and shipping, it was even more expensive than that I originally thought. But was it worth it?

Yeah, I think so. Estate Vanilla remains one of the most exquisite vanillas I've ever smelled, and it is such a fine, elegant scent that I had to have it. I've been saving to buy a bottle ever since it was released, though for once bought the sample to make sure I was right. Officially described as "Raw Vanilla Pods, Vanilla Infused Sugar, Cream & Vanilla Extract. Our Rich House Vanilla," Estate Vanilla is a rich, layered vanilla, sweet and creamy, with a hint of the boozy purity of vanilla extract. I don't normally like alcohol-based scents, because of the ever-present alcohol scent, but this one burns off that prominent alcohol-scent pretty quickly - plus the boozy note in the scent helps temper the scent from the base.

I don't really have any memories of this one. I wore it on the day of my partner's sister's wedding, because it was a far more suited to a wedding, even a fun casual one, than most of my other scents. And personality. And entire wardrobe. I'm a pretty informal person. Estate Vanilla, I feel, is not really a scent for my past, but one for my future. I can see it being a go-to for any and all formal occasions. It does really cling to my clothes, though, so it might end up being a scent for all occasions. We'll see. 

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