Sunday, 19 March 2017

Late Exploration: Bite Discovery Set

It may seem kind of ridiculous to buy a holiday sampler set meant to introduce a makeup enthusiast to a brand when said makeup enthusiast is already a fan of the brand. But the Bite Discovery Set from the holiday 2016 sets was already a good deal when it came out, and became an even better deal when the price was dropped to $32. The set had two full-sized products (an Amuse Bouche lipstick and a Matte Crème lip pencil) and two minis (the Agave Lip Mask and the Line & Define Lip Primer). An Amuse Bouche in Canada is $30, so being interested in both of the full sizes made this an easy call. I snapped it up. 

Top Beetroot, bottom Léché

L-R: Léché, Beetroot

I've already talked about how I like both the Amuse Bouche and the Matte Crème formulas. One of the biggest selling points was the opportunity to get a Matte Crème lip pencil in a more every day kind of shade - I love Blood Orange, but it's decidedly bright and summery. Léché is described as a "dusty pale pink." Léché is a beautiful MLBB for me. It's long-wearing and comfortable and doesn't transfer too heavily onto my water bottle or coffee mug. These are very important things. 


The Amuse Bouche is Beetroot, which is described as "bold berry." Holy hell, is it ever. It's actually incredibly similar to Kir Royale (both swatched here), which is also bright and heavily pigmented. However, the Amuse Bouche formula stays on my inner lip for much longer than the the Luminous Crème, so I destashed Kir Royale once I compared them. 


The two new-to-me products were the most interesting, even if they aren't colour cosmetics: the Line & Define Primer and the Agave Lip Mask. The Agave Lip Mask is a crowd favourite, and a bunch of my makeup friends swear by it.

The Agave Lip Mask is thick, a bit sticky, and best for overnight treatment. And it worked...the first night. My lips were smooth and plump and flake-free. The second night, my lip shrivelled up and cracked and flaked like crazy. I stopped using the mask and let my lip heal. And then tried it again, just to see if it was the mask. It was. My lips hate continued use of the mask, which sucks. But at least I never cracked and wasted $30 on the Maple Agave Lip Mask to find this out.

I've never been into lip liner, but now that I have a job where I try to keep lipstick on my face for most of the day, I've been thinking that they might be a good idea. But of course, being cheap, I want one that I could use with a lot of colours. I had a Kae Q clear liner, but it recently went off and I finally chucked it. The Bite lip primer seemed like a good thing to try out. And it kind of is? But I think I'm going to end up with a few actual, coloured lip liners, anyway, because while the Bite lip primer did seem to increase the longevity of my lipsticks and give them something waxy to grab onto, it's minty. And using mint lip products in the winter time is a big old nope for me. Come on, Bite! You have to know better than this! I'll use the primer in the summer, but a full size is out of the question

I'm still glad I got the Discovery Set, even though the two things I really wanted to try fell flat. I got two full sized lipsticks for a steal and got to test out some other products in manageable sizes. Although now I have this semi useless tin.

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