Saturday, 1 April 2017

Low Buy Report: March 2017

Full confession: I cheated this month and redeemed a bunch of credit card points/Air Miles/Shoppers Optimum points to get stuff. I did spend a lot of it on replacements and skincare, both of which are not being counted in my budget, but is the use of points to buy a bunch of stuff in the spirit of my low buy? Yes...and no. Yes, because using points to reduce cost is certainly something I can get behind, since reducing the money that I spend on beauty is a good thing. No, because I'm trying to reduce consumption and getting stuff, even for free, is still consumption. Someone somewhere paid for it. This low buy has been going better than I thought, but I don't think it's going as well as I hoped. The latter half of the month, however, I've been directing my consumer energies to actually getting things that I need, like work clothes, because I should probably get rid of the black pants that I wore during my previous career as a retail peon, since they're a little ragged at this point. But I think I'm still not where I need to be in my mindset, so it's time for some deeper soul searching.

That I will report on at the end of April. But for now, here's the results of the month. 

New items

  • Fyrinnae perfume oil samples: Bering Sea, Salish Sea, Ananás, Sucre Brûlé (and free sample Vale of Temple)
Fyrinnae opened their perfume division in March, and I had to grab some samples. I'm a long-time fan of their cosmetics, and I'm curious to test these out. They only arrived yesterday, so I don't have a good sense of them yet, but I liked Sucre Brûlé. Very true to description and realistic.

Total remaining in beauty budget at beginning of month: $182.73
Total purchased this month: $27.00
Total remaining in beauty budget now: $155.73


  • Lush Breath of Fresh Air toner
  • Garnier Fructis Style De-Constructed Pixie Play Extra Strong Hold Crafting Cream
  • Skyn Iceland Pure Cloud Cream
  • Vaseline Lip Therapy in Cocoa Butter 
  • Nuxe Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm Rêve de Miel
Some of these are kind of replacements: my papaw ointment isn't cutting it anymore for a nighttime lip balm, so I decided to get two: the Vaseline, because I quite like it in general from the other times I've used a tin/tub, and the Nuxe balm, because everyone in the blogosphere seems to use it and I had Optimum points. I'm impressed so far, though it's only been a few days. At least my lips haven't fallen off, like with the Bite Agave lip mask.

The Skyn Iceland Pure Cloud Cream is also a replacement: I had a jar in the fall, finished it, and replaced it with Arctic Hydrating Balm. Now that it's spring, I'm looking for a lighter cream and the Cloud Cream should work well for this time of year. 

Lush Breath of Fresh Air is because I wanted something to spray on my face, pretty much. I use it sparingly so far. It'll probably be in heavier rotation once summer hits. 

And finally, the Garnier cream is to add some texture to my hair. All of the hair products I have are better for when I have long, wavy hair, which is not at all what I'm rocking these days.


  • Lush lip gloss in The Kiss
  • Covergirl Katy Kat Eye Mascara in Perry Blue
  • Covergirl So Lashy! blastPRO mascara in Extreme Black
  • Lush lip scrub in Chocolate
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo in Divine Dark
I picked up The Kiss as a replacement for the tinted balm I kept in my purse (Hurraw Black Cherry), which I somehow lost at work. It hasn't turned up in the move, so I think it's gone forever. I don't typically buy two mascaras at once, but Jean Coutu was having a sale, and I wanted to try both. So Lashy is pretty great so far, but Perry Blue is kind of a disappointment. It's not a very flattering blue on me, and while I expected it to be subtle, it's kind of a dull colour. Still fun to wear, though. I like bouncing between a typical black mascara and a coloured one.

After several months of using Lush's lip scrub in Popcorn, I just can't use it anymore. I hate the taste. I made it about halfway through the jar before pitching it. Chocolate tastes like a Terry's Chocolate Orange, which is much more palatable. And similarly, I picked up the Batiste dry shampoo in Divine Dark, because I have the original and hate the white cast. 

Points purchases

  • NYX Vivid Brights Liquid Eyeliner in Vivid Blossom
  • Lush bath bomb in Chick 'N' Mix
  • Ere Perez Beautiful Beetroot Cheek & Lip Tint in Joy
  • Ere Perez Clever Carrot Cheek & Lip Balm in Happy
Some of these were outright redemption, others were picked up with Visa gift cards purchased with points. Which are rad, and I'm not even being paid to say that (no one would try to pay me to say something, I assure you). I've used up the Chick 'N' Mix bomb, which was nice. It's kind of pricey, but is three pieces, so three baths. 

I'm still experimenting with Vivid Blossom, but it is really pretty and easy enough to control. The brush tip is decently fine. 

Ere Perez is a brand I came across by chance, based in Australia. They drew me in with their sleek packaging and multiuse products. I really like both items I picked up - the lip and cheek tint is a great colour for me, and the lip and cheek balm is versatile and blendable. I'll do a review of these later. 

L-R: Ere Perez Beautiful Beetroot Cheek & Lip Tint in Joy,  Ere Perez Clever Carrot Cheek & Lip Balm in Happy, Lush lip gloss in The Kiss, NYX Vivid Brights Liquid Eyeliner in Vivid Blossom

I'm really pleased with my purchases this month - the only impulse was the NYX liner - but...I'm just over halfway through my beauty budget for the year, and only one quarter of the way through the year. Yikes. Soul searching for sure in April.


  1. Yesss cocoa butter Vaseline! Still my favorite lip balm to date. I've been wondering about those NYX Vivid Brights, and the lavender looks beautiful, but I wear black liquid liner so infrequently that I doubt I'd get much use out of colors.

    I bought a lipstick with Nordstrom store credit yesterday and am wondering whether that counts as a "new product" for March. I could have used that credit on a non-makeup item, though, so I'll probably have to go with yes.

    1. I think it falls where you define it - I don't really view my points as anything but fun money, and I think would probably feel the same way about store credit, even if it is kind of ambiguous.

      Vivid Blossom is just fun. And pretty. I should go back and swatch the others.

  2. Ooh, I really like the shade of that eyeliner! I have the Vivid Brights eyeliner in Sapphire and I really like it, so maybe I'll check out the other colours when I redeem my points. (I have a very extravagant series of two 95,000 point redemptions planned for the summer.) I'm not setting a budget for the year, but I don't know that I'd count points towards that. I never spend my points on anything other than makeup anyway, so to me it's kind of inevitable that they'll result in an increased stash. I mean, I guess I could use them on, like, toilet paper, but I never will. But that does sort of seem like cheating when part of the goal is to reduce overall consumption. I'm no help!

    1. Points are my play money, so I don't feel bad using them for that, but is it within my overall goals? That's a little bit grey. I definitely won't use them on useful things, though. I already use my PC points responsibly, so that's sufficient!

    2. Haha I totally don't use my PC points responsibly ever since I found out that you can spend them at Joe Fresh. OOPS.


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