Friday, 26 May 2017

A Week in Lipstick

Hi blogosphere! I'm back from my busy May: parties, meetings, a whirlwind trip to Edmonton to attend a conference, a jaunt to Halifax immediately after to run a 10k, and then making my way home on the holiday Monday. While I was otherwise preoccupied, I also acquired a bunch of new lip products, and so decided to do a week in lipstick. A work week. A short work week. So four days, four new lipsticks. And yes, I now take a lot of selfies in my car. My commute is only ten minutes and I'd sell the damn thing tomorrow if I didn't need my car, so your guess is as good as mine. The light isn't that much better. 

Tuesday: Colourpop Ultra Blotted Lip in Out of Beach

You'll never want to run out of this bright coral.

Colourpop's shade descriptions get under my skin, and I'm 90% sure that they create names from a random phrase generator, but they keep pulling me back in. The Ultra Blotted Lips are one of their newest lines, and they seem to be similar to the Asian beauty lip tints (at least, from what I know of them). I wanted to give one a try when I was making an order to grab more of the Blotted Lips (their other new lip line, with sheer matte lipsticks that are similar to the Glossier Generation G lipsticks) during their free international shipping promo, and settled on a bright coral for summer. Out of Beach (what does this even mean, seriously) is a beautiful coral, more on the pink side and I find it to suit me quite well.

In the picture I'm wearing two layers, but once I got to work, I decided to take it off and put on a single layer. I found it to be somewhat finicky going on - I mean, it is a liquid stain, so there is a certain amount of finesse to applying it - and without care, it was a little patchy. It does wear pretty well. It survived a lunch of lasagna with minimal wear on the inner part of my lips. I do find it to be pretty drying. I ended up topping it with a clear lip balm at some point during the afternoon, which sort of lifted the colour and caused transfer, but made it much more comfortable. 

I like it fine, but I won't be rushing out for more, unlike the Blotted Lips, which I am all about. 

Wednesday: Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 25 Coral Sunset

I've been interested in trying at least one of the Cream Lip Stains since the range was expanded, and after swatching a bunch of contenders on my hand, I decided to go with Coral Sunset, which isn't a little bit coral, but is a lovely burnt red brown. The formula is smooth and opaque, easy to apply, doesn't set too quickly so it can be fixed if needed, and dries down to a matte finish (but not desert matte, just matte). It doesn't fully set, however, so there is a bit of transfer, which leads it to break down more easily than a true matte liquid lipstick. The inside of my lips was somewhat crumbly after I spent all morning drinking iced tea and eating popcorn. 

Of the few liquid lipsticks I've tried, this seems like the formula I most enjoy, since it isn't overly drying and doesn't give my lips a tight feeling after wearing it all morning. But I think I'm going to return Coral Sunset (I never return anything ever, please mark your calendars for this historic moment). I tried it on once I got home, I had held the swatch to my face in the store, but after a morning of wearing it at work and seeing myself on Skype in a video call, I don't think it's a flattering colour on me. Something about it feels off, too jarring on my face. 

Thursday: NARS Audacious Lipstick in Anna

Smokey rose.

Let the record show that Thursday was a pretty terrible day for me, but I was wearing my new favourite lipstick (which did not salvage it, but made me feel that I looked good, at least). I picked up Anna at the Sephora at the West Edmonton Mall last week for three reasons: I wanted it, I swatched it next to MUFE Artist Rouge Lipstick in C211 Rosewood and confirmed that they were not too similar, and Alberta doesn't have provincial sales tax, so my $40 lipstick purchase came to $42 with tax instead of the $46 I would pay at home. I'm not opposed to paying taxes, but if Alberta wants to not have provincial sales tax, then I will take advantage while I'm there. 

I'm a fan of the Audacious formula: it's smooth, opaque, easy to apply, and comfortable on me. I first swatched Anna (and Apoline, a lipstick I bought after Christmas and have worn a ton since and still haven't reviewed, ooops) last fall and fell in love. It's a beautiful colour, pulling somewhat purple on me. It's a great work lipstick, because even though I have no issue wearing bright reds to work anymore, I still need some more subdued colours for when I need to tamp it down a bit (sigh). I fully see me wearing Anna all the time. 

Friday: Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in London Fog

You won't get lost in the fog in this pinky red.

Friday was much, much better than Thursday. I had some wonderful visitors at work and they drew me some pictures for my office, despite not having anything in my library to entertain toddlers. And I even got hugs on the way out. I got London Fog as a mini with my Colourpop order. They were giving away mini Ultra Satin Lips for every order over $20, with an extra one every $10 over that. I'm not a huge fan of the Ultra Satin Lips, as evidenced by my review and subsequent destash of Frick n Frack, so I only opted for the one colour that interested me, London Fog. But Frick n Frack was weirdly thick, and London Fog has a thinner texture. It still transfers, but because of the thinner texture, it feels more like a traditional lipstick. I'm a little more sold on the Ultra Satin Lips this time, but I'm not going to pick up more. The mini size is much better for me, and why spend my money on a formula I only vaguely like? Exactly.

London Fog is a gorgeous pink red. Like it was made for me. Damn. I really love the colour. I may actually use up this mini! That would be exciting. It does stain my lips, but survives lunch (albeit with some not noticeable wear on the inside of my lips). It gets more matte as it fades, but still wears evenly. 

I actively try to wear a different lipstick every day. I have a lot of lipstick, and I try to wear them all, though I still have seasonal colours that I won't touch now till the fall. While I once agonized over lipsticks to wear to work, I've become a lot more bold and free in my choices, though Bite Squid Ink will never make it to work. Now that I've finally worked out my business casual style (quirky prints and cropped pants, cardigans and A-line dresses), I feel more comfortable in expressing myself via makeup. Which means fun lipstick. I still tamp it down a bit when I need to meet with people far more important than I am, but reactions to my clear dedication to dressing my age and expressing myself via makeup and fashion have been very positive. My manager asked me where I get my lipstick because it always looks great, so I think I've achieved my true goal: have the best lipstick in the hospital.


  1. I assume "Out of Beach" is like "out of reach" and if you ran out of it, it would be...out of reach...? I don't know, man. I agree that a random phrase generator has to be involved in the creation of the descriptions, and possibly even of the shade names. I suspect the same of the Sephora cream lip stains, actually. Coral Sunset isn't close to coral, and they have a brown shade called "Frozen Strawberries." It's interesting how much cooler-toned Coral Sunset looks on you than on me!

    As for dressing your age, I'm reminded of a conversation I had with my five-years-younger cousin when I started teaching four years ago, at the age of 25. She had graduate instructors in her classes (I never did because I went to a small liberal-arts college), so I asked her whether undergrads would take me more seriously if I dressed "older." She said something like "no, we all know you're not 45." So, yeah! "Dressing your age" is a concept that applies to your 20s as well.

    1. I swatched Frozen Strawberries, because I couldn't figure out the colour online, and was so confused. I would assume a muted pink red for a name like that. I'm okay with experimenting with names for makeup, but can they at least make some kind of sense?

      It's been a struggle for me, honestly. I didn't have a lot of business casual clothing when I started and most of it was definitely on the sombre side, which is not very me. And when you're the only person in their mid-twenties in a room of people who are in their forties and up...I decided I'd rather go full colourful and offbeat because it makes me feel better, especially once I was made permanent.


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