Sunday, 4 June 2017

Overpriced: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel

I've never been able to get into brows. It's probably because I have been blessed with low maintenance brows that I spend little time on and don't have any patchy bits or require darkening to fit my face. I have a small face, and my brows match that. I tidy them with a pair of tweezers once a week and go about my merry way. I don't fill them in. I've never tried to fill them in, save for some ill-fated, ugly attempts when I was a high school theatre kid, and frankly all of our makeup looked terrible anyway.

However, there is one thing that I do. I like to use a clear brow gel to keep my brows in place. Much like the rest of me, my brows can be a bit unruly and need a little extra help in staying in place. I first started doing this back in 2011, when I received a sample of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel in Clear in some sample bag. I used it up, decided that a clear brow gel was something that I was keeping in my life, looked at the price of the full-sized brow gel, laughed, and went to my local Shoppers to grab Maybelline Great Lash in Clear. I've used the Maybelline mascara and Essence's clear brow gel for years, purchasing a tube about once a year and using it till it's gone or the gel remaining is too cloudy for me to look at anymore. They're cheap and mostly do the job, but sometimes need a touch up or don't quite hold things down as much as I'd like.

So when I finished up my most recent tube of Maybelline Great Lash, I decided to be frivolous and buy a tube of the ABH Brow Gel. Was it really worth $29? How foolish was I going to feel for spending $29 on a brow gel? Have I officially jumped into the deep end?

The answer to those are no, incredibly, and yes. 

ABH Brow Gel is definitely nicer than the Maybelline or Essence. It's got a hefty metal tube, a stopper that properly wipes the brush off, and holds a little bit better. My brows rarely march off to their own path (with help from my bangs) while using it. The brush is a decent size and doesn't deposit too much product. The solid metal tube hides any cloudiness, which is frankly my favourite part of this whole thing: not being able to see the growing cloudiness of the gel over time. 

But it's still a brow gel. It's a clear brow gel. That I spent $29 on. Sure, I can afford this and it wasn't a big deal but that's $24 more than my last tube of Maybelline. That's $24 I could spend on literally anything else. Like pizza! Or a new moisturizer! Or a lipstick! Or refilling a couple of growlers at the liquor store! You get the idea. It's a bunch of clear gel stuck in a pretty tube and I fell for it. I will use it up, and I might lurk for it as a points perk on Sephora (though I haven't seen it on there in a really long time) but I am never going to be this ridiculous again. It's a perfectly nice brow gel, but it isn't worth $29 and it never will be. In fact, I suspect the price will only go up with how the Canadian dollar is doing, so it'll be even less worth it at some point. 

I mean, if you want to buy it and can afford it, go ahead. But I'll be over at the drugstore picking out a new clear mascara for brows when the time comes. 


  1. I was using the Essence one for awhile but picked up the L'Oreal one when it was on sale and it's way better. The hold is noticeably stronger. It is like $15, though, which I think is pretty crazy for a drugstore brow gel, but it goes on sale for $8.99 once in awhile, which I can handle. I don't think I could bring myself to pay $29 for something as boring as brow gel! I find I go through brow gel pretty quickly too - 4-5 months to a tube, maybe? I don't want to commit to spending that much on my brows!

    1. Since it will take me 10-12 months to finish it off, I don't feel too bad. I mean, I feel bad because I should have known how this would end, but I know I'll have it for a while. I'll have to try the L'Oreal one! Next year, I guess.

      I've never really like ABH as a brand and I think this brow gel is why. Something about ABH bugs me.


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