Monday, 10 July 2017

Biore Miks: Perfect Milk, Bright Milk, and Face Milk

Summer is unfortunately the only time of year that I care about sunscreen. For half of the year, it's dark when I get up, it's dark when I get home, and my office has no windows, so I see zero point in using sunscreen for the errant UV rays that might catch me at lunch, when I head up to the cafeteria and sit next to the tinted glass to admire the river. In short, I put my sunscreen away sometime in November and consider taking it out mid-May. This year, I put my Biore Watery Essence sunscreen away, forgot it was going to expire, and realized I had a problem in March. Enter searching for new sunscreens to use. I liked the Watery Essence, but it's been reformulated, and also I wasn't so tied to it that I wasn't open to trying new things. Also I'm hoping that I can force myself to put sunscreen on everyday after this summer, and finding a sunscreen that I love may tip that scale. While Watery Essence was fine, I expect the fact that I found it to be just fine the reason why I've not been more dedicated.

So I decided to branch out. I did this fairly unscientifically: I decided to try some of the other Biore sunscreens, since they have a billion different ones, and I chose ones that I could get on Amazon with free shipping. Originally, I ordered Biore Bright Milk and Biore Face Milk, but after waiting for them for 11 weeks and them not showing up, I ordered Biore Perfect Milk. Bright Milk and Face Milk arrived a few weeks later, the day before Perfect Milk showed up (which only took three weeks, from Japan). And having three similar but different sunscreens to play with has been very educational. For the first few weeks, I alternated them, wearing a different one every day. After that, I picked one and wore it every day for two weeks, before switching to a new one. And now, I feel ready to give my thoughts on them.

L-R: Face Milk, Bright Milk, Perfect Milk

Bright Milk has a very slight pink tint. It's fairly liquidy, and has no real scent. It reminds me of calomine lotion because of these two things. This one is my favourite of the three - they're all pretty similar, but the slight pink tint of this helps smooth my skintone out and gives a great glow under my foundation. It's got a slightly powdery finish when it dries, but overall helps battle the potential greaseface that is so common in the humid, awful summer. 

Face Milk is a white liquid, with the same consistency as Bright Milk. As far as I can tell, it's exactly like Bright Milk except it doesn't have a slight pink tint. It has the same finish, but seems to have a slight white cast. I think. Being pretty fair, it's hard to tell and it's also not something I concern myself much with, since a white cast has the effect of evening my skintone rather than looking ashy. 

Perfect Milk is also a liquidy white sunscreen, very similar to Face Milk. The only discernible difference I can find between the two is that Perfect Milk is a little more powdery when it dries down. It also has no real scent, and a slight white cast.

All three wear well under my makeup. Once they've sunk into my skin, I don't feel them. They're all really, really similar to one another, but the Bright Milk edges out the others for doing something slightly more obvious to my skin as well as having a wonderfully shimmer pink package and I love it unabashedly. Because the pink bottle is what really counts. 


  1. I love skincare but I hate the sunscreen step, for whatever reason. I've tried all the lightweight North American ones and they are good, but I still avoid using it when I think I can get away with it. WHICH IS BAD!!! I keep thinking a Japanese one might convince me to use it more regularly. I will look into these more! Everyone always talks about the Watery Essence, but I don't hear much about the other formulas.

    1. Me too. But I've put it on every day for months now so hopefully the habit sticks this time!

  2. I definitely wouldn't wear sunscreen in winter in your situation either. I'd take those few rays of sunshine at lunch as a possible source of a tiny bit of vitamin D. I'm actually going to pick up some sunscreens in Canada when I'm there this month, since there are some things I can't get here.

    1. I once made the mistake of saying I didn't wear sunscreen most of the year and explained why on Reddit and still got blasted. Uhhhh pretty sure I know how little sunlight I see most of the year since it has a very real effect on my health, but okay...

      Which ones are you planning to grab?

  3. I'm always on the lookout for more sunscreens. I like the design and bottles for these. So pretty!


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