Sunday, 30 July 2017

Everyday Workhorse: An Ode to NARS Audacious Lipstick in Apoline

NARS has been in the news a lot lately, for choosing to give up its cruelty-free status and expand to China. I've been plotting a post on cruelty-free cosmetics, among other things like natural beauty products and the rampant pseudoscience in beauty communities (I don't expect everyone to produce a systematic review for every claim they make, as nice as that would be, but I do think there should be fewer statements about health like they're facts), so I'll leave my thoughts on all of that until that time. When I bought Apoline, back in the winter, NARS was still cruelty-free, Trump hadn't been sworn in yet, and I didn't spend a dime on car maintenance. It was a simpler time. 


I've long admired the Audacious line of lipsticks: the formula, the range, the packaging. Last summer, I decided I might be in the market for some more wearable colours from the line. I already had Audrey, which is a beautiful muted red plum, but not really the wear-with-everything colour I was looking for. I swatched a few and settled on two to eventually buy: Apoline and Anna (which I did end up buying and talked about here). I bought Apoline first, because it felt like I would get a lot of use out of it, and it was more neutral than Anna. It is, after all, a medium rose pink, somewhat muted. Perfect.

Picture of the bullet would indicate that I was right. I wear Apoline at least once in a two week period, which is a lot for someone who has as many lipsticks as I do.

One easy swipe.

It's rare to find a lipstick that feels so right. I have loads of lip colours that I like, but Apoline is probably my favourite lipstick (and I only say that about a few lipsticks at a time). It's got a nice slightly glossy finish, it's lightly hydrating, it lasts decently, it has no smell or taste, and it fades evenly. It also blends well with my natural lip colour so it never looks patchy or weird when fading or wearing off because I forgot to wipe it off before eating a slice of very greasy pizza. When I wear it to a meeting or a teaching day, I'm never worried about it. It's a good colour for wearing to Very Serious Occasions and also just because.

Oh hey, new hair. And Apoline.

Basically, I love this lipstick. It's one of those lipsticks that feel so well-matched that they were made specifically for me. 

And of course, that impressive Audacious packaging. The magnetic closure, the brushed metal you're going to buy a (gulp) $40 lipstick, it damn well better feel like and look like one. In this case, it most definitely is on the nicer end of lipstick, though is any lipstick really worth $40? I mean, I paid it for this one, so on some level I believe it. But that's another question for another time. 

Some comparison swatches. Bizarrely, I don't have many true pinks in my collection. L-R: LancĂ´me Beige Floral, Revlon Pink Truffle, NARS Apoline, Bite Verbena, Colourpop Drip

Apoline is my go-to lipstick. I've been waffling on whether I like my new haircut or not, for example, and as a result, I've been wearing Apoline a few days in a row. It's a reliable colour for me. 

Do you have any products that always work?


  1. I wish I'd bought Apoline instead of Anna! Anna doesn't look quite right on me. Apoline is so, so pretty, though. I'm still very into the Audacious formula - I think I want Annabella and Angela, too. (Funny, because I also have Anna and Audrey. The As appeal to me!)

    1. I like Anna but Apoline is basically as perfect as I can hope for in a lipstick. It's weirdly underrated IMO.

      I've been avoiding really looking at the rest of the line because I know I'll want even more!

  2. Apoline is really the perfect MLBB for you! Urban Decay Backtalk serves a similar purpose for me. It's a nice compromise between mauvey cool-toned pink and brownish MLBB pink, and I have to actively stop myself from wearing it too often. (Apparently it's UD's best-selling Vice lipstick, which doesn't surprise me.)

    I'd love to read your thoughts on cruelty-free beauty and pseudoscience! One of the reasons I've drifted away from Into the Gloss is their weird tolerance for pseudoscience. I know they interview a variety of people and not everyone can be perfectly enlightened, but come on.


    1. I HAVE SO MANY THOUGHTS. One of the reasons I've drifted from indies is their tolerance for pseudoscience + the higher interest in witchcraft, which tbh is just not my thing. Part of my professional interest is improving health literacy but sadly I don't have that mandate right now, so I might as well prattle on about here and teach people how to use PubMed to find some proof. Because microtears have no evidence, Skincare Addiction, so stop stop posting that all over Reddit like it's fact.

      One of my coworkers told me it was edgy, lol.


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