Wednesday, 9 August 2017


This is a general housekeeping post, mostly to discuss the state of the blog, direct you to my perfume sale, and talk about a few non-beauty things I've been enjoying lately.

First off, name change! I wrote recently how I'd come to an epiphany about my perfume usage, and how I've pulled away from that by necessity, since I work in a scent-free environment. This brought me to another problem: my blog was originally started as a place where I reviewed indie perfume, and Scents and Sea Spray reflected the direction I wanted to go in...then. Not so much now that I've shifted to a more general beauty blog. After begging everyone I've ever met to help me come up with a new name, I've settled on Collection Development - a reference to both my career and the fact that this blog tracks the development and changes in my beauty collection. I've updated my Instagram and this blog URL (had to toss in "the" since someone started a collection development blog in 2002 and hasn't posted since). So here we are - introducing my new name, tagline, and social media.

Instagram: collectiondevelopment
Email: (I'm keeping this for now, for perfume sale-related reasons, but will update this post and the sidebar when I create a new one).

Since I already mentioned it: hey! Perfume sale is live. It's actually been live for over a week now, but I've been lazy about promoting it. Hit up the Perfume Sale tab, read all of the words and then click the link to my Google Spreadsheet with all of the goods. Some of you have already found it because you are crafty and I didn't hide it at all. Since I have begun communicating from my old blog name email regarding this sale, I'll be holding onto that address for now. 

On Monday, I took my middle brother to see Natalie MacMaster, Donnell Leahy, and their children play a concert in my city. It was fantastic. I asked my brother if he wanted to come with me as his birthday present (he turned 24 on August 3rd) and he was very eager. You may have caught some of it on my Instagram story from Monday night. The civic centre where it was held was pretty warm the whole time, but we persevered and had a great evening.

I've finally gotten myself back in gear with reading, mostly because I placed a million holds at the public library and having that time restriction has motivated me to read things. I think I'm back in business. I purchased a couple of print novels for the first time in a while too, since I visited my brother a couple of weeks ago and we went to the bookstore in the mall near his place. We also went to the new franchise of Cheese Curds, a gourmet burger and poutinerie that opened in Oromocto, which is nearish to where he lives. I've been to Cheese Curds once before, at its location in Burnside in Dartmouth, last time I was visiting Nova Scotia, and it was just as heavenly this time as it was the first time. 

I've been very into burger platters this summer, so I'm continuing to chase a really good plate of a burger and fries. I'd like to change it up, however, and continue to reduce my animal product consumption, so I'll be trying a veggie burger recipe or two before the summer is over. One of the blocks in this path is the fact that I can't stand the texture of most beans. I don't consider myself to be a picky eater, or at least the kind of picky eater that would have difficulty eating more plant-based meals, since I'm not hugely fond of most cuts and types of meat, but beans are my current stumbling block. 

I've been trying to reign in my enormous sweet tooth (always a challenge) and have turned my efforts to reducing the amount of juice and pop I drink. I've quit drinking pop before, and am pretty near to that again, but juice has been a struggle. I really like to have a glass of juice in the morning, but juice is pretty terrible for you. I also don't love the taste of water first thing in the morning, so I've been getting around that with lemon water. I filled an ice cube tray with lemon juice (an ice cube tray in the shape of lemon wedges, of course) and pop one in my glass of water while I'm making breakfast. It melts pretty quickly and makes my water delightfully lemony.

August is also the projected arrival of my nephew! I am so excited to be an aunt, especially since I know I'm going to be a good one. We had a baby shower/excuse for a general summer party for my SIL and BIL last month and it reminded me how close we are. My partner and I are ready to dote. Not surprisingly, my SIL has assigned us the job of providing books for our nephew - not like we needed the push - and he's already got a well-stocked library, thanks to auntie. I've been trying to hold myself back. I've got the rest of his life to buy him stuff!

Can't wait to be looking at this in a few weeks!

I'll be going camping again at the end of August, with my youngest brother and his girlfriend. We are going to attempt to stuff ourselves in my tiny tiny car and drive to Cape Breton, to camp on the family land. It has been three long years since I last went there, and I've been pretty upset about that, to be quite honest. I'm also curious to see the land since we had the old house torn down. And it's my brother's girlfriend's first time to Cape Breton, so we'll be jamming as much fun into the three days we'll be away that we can. 

I've been working a ton since I got back from Ottawa, possibly too much, but I've been in high demand. Which is nice, and I try to remind myself of that when I skip lunch and work late to get everything done. But it has sort of hampered my posting here, especially since I've been travelling most weekends. Apparently owning a car means that my presence is in higher demand too, from my friends and family. For someone who sat behind the wheel of a car for the first time this time last year, I do an awful lot of driving now.

How's your summer going?

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