Tuesday, 1 August 2017

The Glow Series: Colourpop Crystal Liquid Highlighter in Aquamarine

I've been quietly amassing a bunch of highlighters over the past year and then some, and haven't really written about any of them, despite my newfound devotion to glowing all of the time. So to rectify this obvious oversight, I'll be spending my August writing about all of the highlighters that have come into my possession (which is way more than I need, but so it goes). Just a series of quick, shimmery reviews. 

I've decided to start with Colourpop's Crystal Liquid Highlighter in Aquamarine. I picked this up on a whim, kinda. I've been coveting CoverFX's Custom Enhancer Drops in Halo since they came out earlier this year, but they're $52 Canadian for 15ml. Nahhhh. Even the most beautiful holographic liquid highlighter isn't worth that much. Enter my interest in the Crystal Liquid Highlighter. Colourpop has approximately five million product releases in a week, so the fact that the Crystal collection (liquid highligher, lip balm, and setting spray) wasn't on my radar originally isn't super surprising, but a well-timed Instagram post from Colourpop piqued my interest and I wandered over to the site. 

Top blended out, bottom heavily swatched

Colourpop's marketing copy for this is even more hilarious than their normal stuff. Apparently "All Items in this collection have been infused with crushed Aquamarine crystals and inspirited with actual gemstones during the production process." Okay, then. Aquamarine is "Blue with a violet flip infused with crushed Aquamarine Crystals." More of it is about crystals and their properties, which something I don't hold store with - to me, they are pretty rocks and that's cool, but let's not pretend they're more than they are. 

I swear, I'm actually fun at parties, for all my dour hand-wringing over this sort of thing.

One pump of highlighter.

A few other things of note:

  • despite the ludicrous marketing copy, this is really pretty and iridescent
  • it's $9USD, so on the more expensive end of Colourpop's products
  • but you get 25ml which is a crazy amount of liquid highlighter
  • you definitely don't need very much
  • the pump, while far preferable to a dropper, does have a tendency to dispense more product that you need. Colourpop says to use a pump or two of the product, which I assume is great if you want to shine like a disco ball, but normally I don't and end up wasting some product
  • but again, this bottle is 25ml which is a crazy amount of liquid highlighter
  • this formula is lightweight and pigmented
  • And pretty. Did I mention it was pretty?
  • It also lasts all day
That unicorn glow.

More subtle shimmer in my office, featuring pictures from toddlers behind me.

It blends well on top of foundation and bare skin, and it is so stinkin' pretty. I know I keep saying this, but if there's any Colourpop product that I've been suitably impressed with, it's this, because it's beautiful, relatively unique, and the packaging is unique in the Colourpop lineup, as well as functional. If you wanted a unique highlighter, check these out when they're back in stock. And then consider covering all parts of your body in shimmer, because you're going to have a fuckton of highlighter. 


  1. I love how that looks on you! And I like your placement high on your cheekbones right under your eyes. I might have to copy that.

    1. I find my face is so small that if I bring it lower, it makes me look squished. Right under the eye also seems to help it stay better, since it's not on the oiliest part of my cheeks.

  2. I suspect ColourPop stole that ~infused with crystals~ language from Glossier Haloscope. Honestly, I was so put off by it that I didn't even look at all the crystal products, so I had no idea this liquid highlighter existed. It's gorgeous, though, and the packaging is cute as well.

    I'm curious, do you pair this highlighter with certain makeup looks? I ask because I've had a hard time figuring out how to use NYX Twilight Tint, which is a similar blue. It looks weird with warm-toned eyes and lips, but vaguely '80s with a cool-toned look. Ahhh!

    1. I'm still hung up on crystal finishing spray - are you for real, Colourpop? - but I am glad I grabbed this.

      I usually let it be the star of the look, wearing neutral blush and lips. Or go full '80s with the cool-toned matching.

  3. I've been meaning to comment on this, uh, since you posted it... but I keep forgetting. Anyway, thanks for the great review! This gave me everything I needed to know about this product (especially because as Colourpop releases more and more stuff, I seem to have a harder time finding legitimate reviews. Now it's just hauls and "look how pretty this is!", perhaps because people are overwhelmed with the volume of releases? But this collection seems to be under-reviewed, which is a shame because it's the one I've been the most suspicious of/intrigued by)... and I've been coveting it since.

    1. Colourpop also discontinues things with frightening speed or they're sold out constantly, so maybe people have given up trying to properly review things? I'd like to see more reviews of the finishing spray, since that's really interesting to me. I now have a Rose Quartz balm which is really nice, one of the better products from Colourpop.

    2. I HAVE SEEN ZERO ACTUAL REVIEWS ON THE SPRAYS, which makes me sad. Because obviously being "infused with crystals" means nothing, but I want to know if they actually work!

      I've also got the Rose Quartz balm in my cart thanks to your instagram feed...


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