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The Glow Series: Hello Waffle Liquid Highlighters in Golden Veil, Midna, and Awoke at Dawn

This is actually kind of a weird time to write about Hello Waffle, since it was just announced that Hello Waffle is being sold to Shiro Cosmetics. The owner of Hello Waffle, Christine, has decided to focus on her full time job and feels she can't properly devote herself to her brand anymore, and so has worked out a deal with Shiro so that the brand will live on. I'm feeling pretty mixed about this: Hello Waffle is one of my favourite indies, and being Canadian-based made the access to them so much easier for me. Moving to Shiro means that Hello Waffle products will now ship from the US...and that alone is going to be something of a barrier for me, since I've been cutting back on importing stuff. However, I'm glad that Hello Waffle will live on, and I'm glad that the closure and transfer of the brand have been handled with maturity and grace - how many indies have I watched go down in flames, not fulfilling orders, and owners getting way over their heads? Too many. Shiro has experience in distributing/acquiring other brands, and I think this is the best possible outcome.

But anyway. Hello Waffle will be back, and so will their excellent liquid highlighters. I actually have four in total - I got Lavender Cream last summer, but they were reformulated since then, so I'm going to focus on my three in the current formula: Golden Veil, Midna, and Awoke at Dawn. I've been enjoying liquid/cream highlighters a lot lately - at some point in the fairly recent past, I realized that loose powders were a trap for me, and considering how many weekends I spend away from home in not-ideal setups, I've come around to pressed, cream, and liquid highlighters. Maybe a little too much, but that's another question for another time.

The liquid highlighter formula is more akin to a whipped mousse, rather than an actual liquid. It's packaged in a squeeze tube with a doefoot applicator. It's got a light, fluffy texture, and is easily applied with the doefoot. I take the doefoot out, wipe a bit of the product off on the inside of the tube neck - the stopper doesn't quite take enough product off for me - and then draw a line of product on my cheekbones and browbone. Then I blend it out with my finger because I'm a filthy savage who avoids brushes if at all possible. This works fairly well, and I usually set it with my finishing powder. The longevity is fairly decent - it holds up pretty well over my foundation, and the finishing powder doesn't dull it, but seems to keep it from rubbing off too much throughout the day.

Hello Waffle's powder highlighters were known for a very smooth and buildable shimmer, and the liquid ones are no different. However, because they were released right before one of Hello Waffle's many hiatuses over the last year and a half (due to the job situation of the owner, which led to Shiro acquiring the brand), and haven't been very available, I haven't seen anyone talking about them. Which is a shame. But understandable. It's kind of hard to talk about something you can't get your hands on. Though I have and didn't really get to talking about them until now...but anyway.

Wearing Midna here. You can see it best on my brow bone, though it's pretty subtle in photos.

If you want to glitter with the shine of a thousand disco balls, these probably aren't for you. They're of a very fine, candlelit glowy shimmer. They're buildable, and therefore can get more intense, but I like these for a more subtle, even glow - but still noticeable. More work-safe glitter, if you will. As much as I have grown accustomed to pushing the envelope at work, I still opt for a more subtle glow when I'm marching through the hallways with a bright orange red on. 

Golden Veil: blended out and watched heavily.

Golden Veil is my favourite of the three here. It's described as "white with a golden sheen." Golden Veil is the one I reach for the most, since I find the cool gold that it comes off as to be very flattering on my skintone.

Midna: blended out and swatched heavily.

If you have Golden Veil, you probably don't need Midna. The differences between the two are minimal, and picking one over the other is more of a choice due to undertones. Midna is described as "cream coloured shimmery gold." Because of this, it comes off warmer and has a champagne tone that Golden Veil does not. Blended out on my face, they don't look hugely different. Both pretty, but not necessary. Depending on how fast I use Golden Veil up (and since I don't use a ton when I wear it, which has been 3-4 times a week this summer), I may pass Midna onto a friend. I'll decide in a few weeks.

Left Golden Veil, right Midna.

Awoke at Dawn: blended out and swatched heavily.

Lastly is Awoke at Dawn. I had a sample of Awoke at Dawn in the past, in the original version of this formula, and tended to use it more as a blush, though with a light touch and concentrated blending, I've been able to diffuse this enough to make it look natural. It is a beautiful colour, described as a "shimmering champagne rose." In liquid form, it's much heavier on the pink. I like it, but light pink shimmery blush is definitely a look for me.

Overall, the ease of use of these things are why I've collected so many. They're blendable, buildable, and the packaging is good for the formula. They are/were Canadian. When Hello Waffle went on hiatus, I knee-jerk grabbed some more of them just in case - which is kind of dumb, because liquid products go bad. I've been very slowly realizing that I really like cream/gel/mousse formulas for highlighters and blush, but that means I need to cut down on variety of them, since they go off much faster than powder. Dilemma. Ultimately the lesson here is: stop stockpiling random things. I'm mostly over this, but occasionally something catches me. 

As I understand it, Hello Waffle will be reopened by Shiro September 1st. So maybe these will be back then - or if not, soon.

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