Sunday, 10 September 2017

The Glow Series: Sleek Cosmetics Precious Metals Highlighting Palette

I bought my Sleek Cosmetics Precious Metals Highlighting Palette in Brussels almost a year ago now, so I should probably get around to talking about it. I picked this up in a Di store, which is a little beauty store that sells lots of drugstore brands. There were a good mix of things I could have gotten at home and things that are nigh impossible to get your hands on in Canada without some work, so I chose to focus on those brands. Sleek has always interested me, because they have an interesting array of colours and products and I've always heard good things, so somewhat impulsively, I grabbed this highlighter palette. I regretted it a little later, since I didn't realize it was three cream highlighters and one powder. I'm not a fan of mixed palettes like that. The upside is that the powder highlighter in this palette is not too powdery.

The downside is that I've had this palette for a year and I regret buying it. And that it came with a shitty brush, though I've long since chucked it. It wasn't a lot of money or anything, but it wasn't my greatest purchasing decision. All of the colours are beautiful, but the cream formula is oily and has a tendency to separate in a really unattractive way on my face throughout the day, usually around the five hour mark. Since I like to wear my makeup for more than five hours at a time, this is not great. It becomes weird patchy glitter, even the less obviously glittery shades. And the one powder highlighter, Antique Bronze, is too dark for me, even though it's a great texture and blends well.

Antique Bronze, swatched heavily and blended out.

I like these in conception. Even in pan. Platinum, the white, is my favourite silvery white kind of highlight, just won't stay put on my face. 

Platinum, swatched heavily and blended out.

Royal Gold is a glitterbomb. A pretty one, but it looks like I dipped my face onto a Christmas card in a not-great way. 

Royal Gold, swatched heavily and blended out.

And the last cream, Renaissance Gold, is pretty but again suffers from breaking down on my face in a patchy weird way, and is a little too dark/warm for me. 

Renaissance Gold, swatched heavily and blended out.

This impulsive snatching of something before our train back to Liege was not my greatest move. I haven't used it very much in the last year because I have lots of other highlighters, the packaging, while nice to look at, doesn't seem all that secure for a palette of creams. The magnet that is supposed to keep these shut is a bit weak.The highlighters themselves don't wear in a way that I really like, and the powder one, while lovely, is too dark for me. So this one will be exiting my collection. This is a shame, but it was among the last of my truly rash makeup purchases, so I did learn something. Yay for that!

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