Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Collection Inventory, 2017: Contour Products

Hi, blogosphere. The last month has been kicking my ass, to be quite frank. But there have been a number of good things that have happened in that time: I turned 26, I had five work-sanctioned cakes in the last five weeks and two of them were for me because I am spoiled as hell, it was library month!, a new Mediterranean restaurant opened near my house, I successfully made Montreal-style bagels for the first time, and the Sephora sale happened. And now I'm tucking in to write some blog posts.

The Kevyn Aucoin gathers fingerprints like crazy.

It's been a minute since I wrote a post on my collection inventory, mostly because I ran out of the ones I wanted to talk about (minus the highlighters, which I wanted to inventory after I caught up on reviews for them, which I haven't done at all either, because of aforementioned asskicking). I've saved the categories that are small or less-used or even vaguely boring. Today I will talk about a small category: contour products. I've actually doubled my contour products in the last year: I went from having one to having two. Whoa, go wild, Alison. But since I will never, ever, ever finish a contour product, two is probably excessive. And yet. 

L-R: Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder in Light, Pumpkin & Poppy Contouring Powder in Oak Bark (note: this comes with a sifter, but I pried mine out)

I've had Pumpkin & Poppy Oak Bark Contouring Powder in my collection for years at this point - I think I bought my first one in late 2014-early 2015. I then did the brilliant thing and left my pot on the windowsill of a hotel room. So I ordered a new pot. When I first bought Oak Bark, it was the only contour powder offered by Pumpkin & Poppy, meant for fair, cool-toned people. Since then, a darker version called Midnight Oak has been created. 

Oak Bark is a semi sheer taupe. It's easy to blend and very beginner-friendly. The powder is fairly finely milled, and you don't require that much when using it. One pot should last the target audience of a cool-toned fair person approximately the rest of her life, since it comes in a 20g jar. I think there used to be a cream version (or pressed), but it doesn't seem to be in the Etsy shop right now. Anyway, this is a decent budget version of this product. 

Under the ring light, L-R: Oak Bark, Light

However, because I am fickle and have been moving away from loose powders, I started casting an eye about for a potential substitute that would at least be a little more friendly. I decided against the oft-recommended NYX Taupe, since there are very few NYX products that I have actually liked and bothered to keep (the internet beautysphere obsession with NYX is frankly beyond me). Last January, Clementine had posted about the new Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder in Light, and after doing some casual searching for appropriately light contour powders, I came back to this review...and decided that this was the one to get. $53 for this little pan, and damn if I don't love it. It's a dream to use. You barely need any product, but it blends so beautifully and it's more of a pink taupe, which reads more natural to me. It looks much warmer than Oak Bark, but I haven't found it to look that much warmer on my face.

Under indoor LED lights at night, L-R: Oak Bark, Light

(There would have been face swatches of these if it would ever be daylight out again. I'll try to add some at a later date.) 

While Oak Bark is perfectly nice, Light is luxurious. It actually feels like the high-end product it is. I love it and will definitely get my money's worth out of it. I've used it regularly for some months now and am still enamoured.

I'd commit to trying to pan one of these but I sincerely doubt that will ever happen. I do use both regularly, so I'll continue to do that, I guess? If there ever is pan, you'll definitely hear about it.


  1. Ahhh, so glad you like the Kevyn Aucoin! I've found that the hint of rosy warmth is really flattering. You definitely aren't missing out with NYX Taupe - I hated that product. Obviously Kevyn Aucoin is 900x more expensive, but I've had mine for almost a year now and I have no regrets!

    1. I'd rather pay the $$$$ for Kevyn Aucoin over the $ for NYX and then inevitably hate it. NYX is just resting on its laurels IMO.


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