Sunday, 31 December 2017

Goodbye, and thanks for all fish, 2017

Once again, I took an unintended Instagram and blog hiatus at the end of 2016. I've found it's too hard to keep to a posting schedule at this time of year, what with parties and family obligations and travelling and general festivities. And particularly this year, because I decided to do all of this and be the librarian on-duty this holiday season (a real thing when you work in a hospital). Suffice it to say that I am exhausted right now. And yet, I still wanted to write a little note about this year and the one that is due to arrive in less than two hours. I've been looking back on my resolutions for this year, and I think I did okay. I went with the spirit, if not always the letter. I did get my license and bought a car this year! That's totally nuts (said car is sitting in the driveway, with its brand-new winter tires and I'm still hella bitter about that). I blogged relatively regularly most of this year. I kept my bullet journal which transformed into a planner journal for this year, and intend to continue it into the next. I didn't stick with my strict beauty low-buy, but I made a better, more realistic plan for the future, and will be posting on the progress of that soon (spoiler: there's room for improvement but hey that's life). I sort of ate healthier but didn't really get in shape. I kind of got better at balancing reading but that could use some improvement too.

I don't consider my resolutions to be a hard and fast plan, though. More of a guideline for the year. Things change and that's okay too. Could I have predicted many of the things that happened this year? Not particularly, and that's half the fun. I try to embrace life as something to have fun with, and I know I've done pretty well with that this year.

While I already made my biggest beauty resolution, I have a few more in mind + a few non-beauty to share, but relevant to the blog.

1. Wean myself off of foundation.

My skin is not nearly as bad as I think it is and I would really like to stop wearing foundation as regularly as I do. I've made huge strides with my skincare routine and maybe I should write about that?) this year, so I need to buck up and get over myself. Plus it's been very very cold here lately, and my skin has dried out a ton, and no foundation looks good right now. It's very much an insecurity of mine, and it's a very ridiculous one I would like to combat.

2. Brush up my web design skills.

I've been vaguely unhappy with the layout of this blog, mostly because I was lazy and didn't want to put too much work into it when I started it, so picked Blogger. I now have some basic skills in coding (thanks, library school), and really need to practice. I would like to make this blog something I want to look at it. 

3. Stick with the pixie cut.

This has been the most flattering length of hair I've ever had. People are still telling me how much they love it, almost 11 months later. I can feel myself getting annoyed by the constant need for a haircut and wanting to grow it out in a few months. No, Alison. This hair is much easier and better than any of the crazy long manes you've ever sported. Stick out 2018 and then we'll see.

4. Participate in Veganuary.

This is a plan I've cooked up with a few friends, a few months ago, so we could plan some menus and hopefully be as successful as possible. I'm going to be starting a little late, since I won't get back home till January 3rd, but I am committed to 31 days of eating plant-based. I'm looking at this as a way to reboot my eating and get to a better, more healthier lifestyle. I made sure I had little to no food left when I left for the holidays, so I won't be tempted by non-vegan foods (mostly) when I get home. I have shifted to eating largely vegetarian this last year, but I need better habits in general and don't like most meat, so this is the push to get me going somewhere better, foodwise. Will I ever be vegan? Probably not, based on my life and culture right now, but I'd like to reduce my consumption of animal goods.

5. Keep working on writing more interesting blog posts.

I've done better with that this year, but my posts are still largely reviews. And meh - like it's good, because I want people to have information to make informed decisions and if I can help with that, I will. But I can also feel the pull of consumption when it comes to that, because it's for the blog! I don't make money off this, who am I kidding? So I'm going to continue trying to expand the beauty things that I can write about.

Happy new year, friends. May 2018 be kind to you.

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