Sunday, 11 February 2018

Things I Thought I would Never Use: Too Faced Lip Insurance

I don't do lip liners. I've had two and never bothered with them, so out they went. I thought I might be slightly more amenable to a clear lip liner/primer. I tried Bite's version - it was minty and did nothing, so I never used it. I tried Colourpop's Lippie Primer (I hate cutesy nicknames for things, like lippie or hubby. I also hate ampersands. Not related, but you should know) and it was too thick and sticky and also ineffective. Clearly, these were not things that were working for me. And yet, after these experiences, I still bought Too Faced Lip Insurance in November with the Sephora VIB Rouge $25 off $50 coupon (I also picked up a mini Becca highlighter in Vanilla Quartz and the two together came to exactly $50. It was glorious). Lena of Faceonomics had posted an absolute rave of Lip Insurance on Instagram, and because I trust her very thorough IG reviews on stuff, I decided to try it out. 

I find myself wanting longer wearing lip products these days, but I don't like to wear matte liquid lip products more than once a week, even the more comfortable ones that I have sought out and purchased. I don't like to touch up my lipstick more than once in a work day, usually after lunch. It must be longish wearing and stand up to snacking and drinking tea and water all morning. If it can't, it must wear evenly and not catch on dry bits on my lips. It must be relatively easy to remove midday in my office and put back on. It must not require any finicky tools - if I need to carry a lip brush to reapply, I'm out. Basically, I have a lot of requirements and since I've really only solidified what I want out of my every day, professional makeup in the last year and a half, I still have products that I'd like to wear to work, but don't quite hit all of the marks. And so, I would like to use them up...but since I'm not totally satisfied with them, I don't want to use them.

Enter Too Faced Lip Insurance. The parts that I took out of Lena's comments on it was the fact that extended wear and it slightly mattified the finish of glossier, more slippery lip products. Excellent. 

And...she was right. Lip Insurance is amazing. I've been wearing it 2-3 times a week, usually under lighter, glossier lipsticks that I want to extend the longevity of because I won't have much opportunity to touch them up, or lipsticks that have a more slippery texture than I want. I've come to realize that my Bite Amuse Bouche lipsticks, for example, are lovely and comfortable, and I still like the ones I have...but the texture is too slippery for the bolder colours and my day to day. Lip Insurance fixes that. It does give glossier products more of a satin finish (which is really my preferred finish for lipstick). It helps them wear more evenly and reduces the wear that does happen. I've been wearing it a lot with the more neutral shades in my vast lipstick collection - I try to stick to less bold colours when I'm teaching all day, just because I won't have time to check in the mirror and my biggest fear is smearing something all over my face and not catching it. In my office, I can check whenever I want if for some reason I think I've smudged something. Not so much in the classroom.

Lip Insurance comes in a doefoot container, and goes on clear. It's got a smooth, slightly silicone-y texture in application, but feels more powdery as it sets on your lips. It honestly feels a little drying in a layer by itself. This goes away once I apply the lipstick over top. It's still not hydrating, but it can be comfortably worn. It forms a kind of barrier between lip colour and my lips, keeping my midday lip flakes at bay. 

The downside is that it doesn't make anything feel lightweight. It makes some lipsticks feel thicker and tackier, so if texture if a problem for you when it comes to lip products, I would pass. It is not for those days when you're looking for a lightweight product, nor is it made for already matte products. I wouldn't (and haven't) tried it with a liquid matte product, because I strongly suspect my lips would just fall off if I tried that.

I've swatched it and have compared it with three lipsticks that I often wear with it: Tom Ford lipstick in Indian Rose (halfway through my little deluxe sample bullet, FYI), MAC lipstick (Cremesheen) in Mystical (from the Alluring Aquatics collection), and Bite Amuse Bouche in Flag Red (which is bright, bold, and does not look like the red in the Canadian flag at all). 

The left is Indian Rose, Mystical, and Flag Red over bare skin. The right is over Lip Insurance. But you know, since I'm swatching on my arm, you don't really get a good idea of the difference. You can see how clear the Lip Insurance is, though - I applied a block of it on the right and it's completely invisible.

The top is on bare lips, the bottom is over Too Faced Lip Insurance. You can see here the slight mattifying effect that is has on a lip colour.

Again, top is on bare lips, bottom is over Lip Insurance. This is Mystical, which is the lipstick I find gets the most benefit from Lip Insurance in my collection. It looks richer and more saturated over Lip Insurance, and it doesn't wear off quite as fast as it's prone to do.

I love Flag Red with a matter finish, and it also gives me some comfort for when I'm wearing it, since it's so bright. Top is on bare lips, bottom is over Lip Insurance.

Lip Insurance has weaselled its way into my routine and staple products. I don't use it with everything, nor do I want to, but it's the kind of product that I didn't know I needed. It's simple and easy to use, it does what it's supposed to, and it enhances the lip products I already. Ideally, of course, I would have lip products with only the finish and longevity I prefer, but my tastes change often enough that it's easier to modify with a lip primer. I've never been really interested in Too Faced's offerings, but this is excellent.


  1. I have always felt that lip primer was one of the bogus products that brands make up to steal your money. But now that I have read multiple positive reviews of this product, I feel like I should try it. I mean, lipstick is my favourite part of my makeup routine, so this just seems logical. I have the same issue with Bite lipsticks, too - I love the ones I have for the comfort, but they're just slightly more slippery than ideal.

    1. Me too, honestly. And the others I tried did nothing to dissuade that opinion, but Lip Insurance really does have a use.

      I wish Bite would do more with their matte formula. It's so comfortable and not slippery.

  2. I need to try this with more of my lipsticks. When I first got a tube, I used it under my slipperiest options, like vampy Bite Luminous Creme lipsticks, and it didn't help much at all. I've found that it really increases the intensity and longevity of glosses, though. But I never noticed it made anything more matte! I'm going to try it under some of my good-but-not-perfect lipsticks.

    1. Oooh I haven't tried it under a gloss! I never really considered it...I think I'll try that out!


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